PRCA Myanmar work

History of the connection….. Myanmar is a country located in Asia, roughly between Singapore and India. About halfway around the world. The climate is a lot like Singapore. Hot and humid. No winter and summer. Just rainy and dry season. The population is 55 million people. That is almost 2½ times larger than Australia. Ironic,Continue reading “PRCA Myanmar work”

PRCA support of PRCM (Yangon) in Myanmar

    PRC Myanmar is pastored by Rev. Titus Sancueluai who initially was tutored by Rev. J. Kortering in Singapore. Titus’ family Hope PR church and Rev David Overway in conjunction with the Foreign Mission Committee of the PRCA oversee this work . Titus is personally tutored by video link. He follows HC preaching and catechismContinue reading “PRCA support of PRCM (Yangon) in Myanmar”