US missionary, captive for 20 months, is alive, reports Niger’s president

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For 20 months, there has been no news of Jeff Woodke (Photo: Facebook/Blaise Gaitou) (World Watch Monitor) A US missionary kidnapped in Niger in October 2016 is alive, according to the West African nation’s president. Jeff Woodke, who worked for Jeunesse en Mission Entraide et Developpement (JEMED), a…

Niger–believers still suffering

One Year Later: Niger’s Christian Community Still Rebuilding After Riots That Rocked the Nation By Troy Augustine, Regional Manager for Africa 01/20/2016 Washington, D.C. (International Christian Concern) – This past weekend marks the anniversary of shocking riots that blazed across Niger in January 2015 when radicalized Muslim mobs targeted Christian property, burned churches, looted pastors’ homes, andContinue reading “Niger–believers still suffering”

Boko Haram Crisis: Attack in Niger Kills Dozens

6/18/2015 Niger (BBC) Location of Niger.   Boko Haram has struck Diffa, Niger, murdering at least 38 people, including women and children. The attack happened on two villages in the region late Wednesday night. ICC is working with its partners in Niger to ascertain whether or not Christians were targeted in the assault, but itContinue reading “Boko Haram Crisis: Attack in Niger Kills Dozens”

Jesus or Family? The Cost of Following Christ in Niger

The Incredible Story of Mounira, a Christian Mother Beaten, Divorced, and Abandoned for Her Relationship with Jesus By René Benoît and Troy Augustine  4/8/2015 Washington DC (International Christian Concern) – Do you remember the joy and peace that washed over you the first time you realized that Jesus had forgiven your sins? Think back: TheContinue reading “Jesus or Family? The Cost of Following Christ in Niger”

NIGER: Christians’ faith strong after unprecedented violence

    The response to this violence by God’s people has been exemplary and shows great understanding of God’s ways. 30th January, 2015 Following the attacks of 16-17 January, Christians have been worshipping in tents, homes and ruined church buildings. Since the attacks by extremist Muslims enraged by the Charlie Hebdo cover, during which over 70 church buildingsContinue reading “NIGER: Christians’ faith strong after unprecedented violence”

Update on Niger & the least talked about oppression in the world, today

(Voice of the Persecuted) Information is coming in that the violent protests in Niger are having a much larger impact than first perceived, or reported. It was also brought to our attention of claims that Boko Haram is either endorsing, or played a part in the attacks on churches during the demonstrations. These protests acrossContinue reading “Update on Niger & the least talked about oppression in the world, today”

Cartoon sparks attacks on churches

January 22, 2015   NIGER – Rioters in Niger have destroyed at least 45 churches in protest at the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo’s depiction of Islam’s prophet Mohammed. Estimates vary but some sources suggest the number of churches burned down at the weekend could be more than 70. Numerous Christian homes, schools and organisations,Continue reading “Cartoon sparks attacks on churches”