Pray for Musa, a New Christian in Hiding from His Family

Sep. 21, 2017 | Gaza Strip Pray for Musa, a New Christian in Hiding from His Family Pray for a young man in Gaza who came to faith in Christ through Internet ministries. Since becoming a Christian, “Musa” has been threatened and attacked many times by his family. He eventually was forced to flee afterContinue reading “Pray for Musa, a New Christian in Hiding from His Family”

Arab, Palestinian of West Bank / Gaza

 A key people in the middle east.   Palestinians are generally pleasant, generous and friendly. They are traditionally hospitable and prepare elaborate dinners for their guests, regardless of their economic situation. Palestinians are predominantly adherents of Sunni Islam with a minority Christian community. The Holy Land, birthplace of Jesus Christ and the land from whereContinue reading “Arab, Palestinian of West Bank / Gaza”

Pray for believers in Gaza

There are approx. 2,000 “Christians”  among 1.8 million people in the Gaza strip. Some will be true believers. Remember them. Remember 11 students and their teachers studying theology at Gaza Study Centre. Gaza’s only Christian hospital in urgent need of medicine as death toll rises The only Christian hospital in Gaza, Al-Ahli, is struggling toContinue reading “Pray for believers in Gaza”