Jewish Outreach Amsterdam

Jewish Outreach Amsterdam Pray for Amsterdam! Please continue to pray for our summer outreach team as they tell Jewish people about Jesus in Amsterdam. The team has been out since Monday – conversations about the Messiah have taken place throughout each day and thousands of postcards, leaflets and invitations to gospel meetings have been handed out.Continue reading “Jewish Outreach Amsterdam”

Outreach to Jews in Budapest

Christian Witness to Israel Budapest Outreach Budapest   ̶ we need your prayers! Dear Praying Friends, I’m excited to tell you that at this moment an enthusiastic team of seventeen CWI missionaries and volunteers are preparing to hit the streets of Hungary’s capital to enthusiastically share the good news of Jesus with thousands of Jewish people.Continue reading “Outreach to Jews in Budapest”

Prayer for the salvation of Jews as their day of atonement becons.

If your name’s not down you’re not coming in… If you had to make up for all the sinful thoughts, words and deeds of the past twelve months how would you set about doing it? Where would you start? What if you only had ten days to do it? This is the challenge Jewish peopleContinue reading “Prayer for the salvation of Jews as their day of atonement becons.”