A THIRD of world’s population yet to hear!

NTRODUCING: “A THIRD OF US” You will find the facts here: You will find the facts here:Search | Joshua Project JOIN US AS THE ALLIANCE FOR THE UNREACHED KICKS OFF A NEW CAMPAIGN. “A THIRD OF US” EXISTS TO BRING AWARENESS TO THIS HEARTBREAKING FACT: A THIRD OF THE WORLD IS STILL DENIED ACCESS TOContinue reading “A THIRD of world’s population yet to hear!”

The Baltis

In many UK towns you will find a BALTI TAKEAWAY   Balti in Indiapronounced: BALL-teeDo you like bulgur (cracked wheat) and apricots? So do the Balti people who farm these crops. Balti people are a scheduled tribe living in perilous mountains near the Pakistan border. Their seven isolated villages are inhabited mainly by the elderly,Continue reading “The Baltis”

Muslim Teli of India

Teli (Muslim traditions) in India pronounced: TEL-eeThe word ‘Teli’ is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘tailika’ or ‘tails’, which means oil pressed from seeds. Traditionally this community manufactured mustard or sesame oil. Muslim Teli can be found in Pakistan and North India. Muslim Teli are called Teli Malik. Their traditional occupation of oil pressing isContinue reading “Muslim Teli of India”

Machhi (Muslim traditions) in Pakistan-unreached with gospel.

Machhi (Muslim traditions) in Pakistan pronounced: mah-CHEE “Machhi” refers to fish, and the Machhi people have a history of being fishermen. Most of the Muslim Machhi live in Pakistan, but there are some in northwest India as well. They have three subgroups: the Sial, Wajan and Sanjri. Inherited property is usually shared by the sonsContinue reading “Machhi (Muslim traditions) in Pakistan-unreached with gospel.”

Pushtun, Afghanistan.

Pashtun, Northern in Afghanistan pronounced: pahsh-TOON Pashtuns are the largest ethnic group in Afghanistan, and make up the majority of the Taliban and the current Afghan government. There are at least 30 major tribes, and countless sub-tribes and clans. The Pashtun were the traditional rulers of Afghanistan for over 250 years. The essence of theirContinue reading “Pushtun, Afghanistan.”

Mochi people Pakistan

  Unreached of the Day: Mochi (Muslim traditions) in Pakistan  From Joshua Project Mochi (Muslim traditions) in Pakistan pronounced: MOH-cheeIf you were to purchase any sort of saddle or leather shoes in Nepal, northern India or Pakistan, chances are good that it was put together by a Mochi. The name “Mochi” comes from the Sanskrit mochikaContinue reading “Mochi people Pakistan”

Another unreached people-the Dhobi of Pakistan

Unreached of the Day: Dhobi (Muslim traditions) in Pakistan  Dhobi (Muslim traditions) in Pakistan pronounced: DOH-beeThe Dhobi are a large collective community of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal. They derive their name from the Sanskrit term dahv which means ‘wash’. The Dhobi are traditionally the clothes washers. They are a scheduled caste in many ofContinue reading “Another unreached people-the Dhobi of Pakistan”

Hill Brahmins of Nepal.

High caste Hindus needing Christ! Brahmin Hill in Nepal pronounced: BRAH-min hillThe Hill Brahmins of Nepal live in the middle hills of that country. Some of their villages rise as high as three thousand meters. Most live in the western hills. Most speak Nepali, the main language of Nepal. They live in houses with wallsContinue reading “Hill Brahmins of Nepal.”