What do you know of the unreached?

Unreached means too few or zero Christians able to reach the group and no missionaries. Ever wondered why AsiaLink focuses on the continent of Asia? Three quarters of all unreached people live in Asia. No other part of the world has such a high concentration of people who have never heard the gospel and areContinue reading “What do you know of the unreached?”

Kumhar (India)

Kumhar (Hindu traditions) in India The Kumhar believe they are offspring of Lord Brahma (Prajapati). This large people group traditionally earned its livelihood through the sale of earthen pots, utensils and other products. In fact, the term “kumhar” means “potter” in some languages of India. Ministry Obstacles: The Kumhar often interpret an invitation to join theContinue reading “Kumhar (India)”

May, a Tausug believer in Philippines

May is a Tausug believer, threatened with death by her brother. The Tausug are staunch Muslims among whom Jesus name is prohibited. May she be established and grow in grace and knowledge. The Tausug live in Mindanao and the islands off it to the south. Click on map to emlarge. Tausug people (sea Gypsies)

Facing a Task Unfinished

The purpose of this article is twofold; first to encourage knowledge of the diversity of peoples inhabiting the earth, the size of any church among them, and the need to pray for and support church planting among the least reached. Second to postulate that the great commission of Christ to witness to all peoples and discipleContinue reading “Facing a Task Unfinished”