Partial Indian Police

Indian police look on as Christians beaten Hindu extremists Christians in India are finding that the very people who should be protecting them from attack – the police – are now becoming complicit in their persecution. Believers in the east of the subcontinent say officers are increasingly under the sway of Hindu extremists and areContinue reading “Partial Indian Police”

Maldives-holiday paradise and persecuting pariah!

    Island paradise for holidays this may be, but behind the façade there is a dictatorial Muslim regime that will brook no dissent. Three years ago a new believer was sentenced to five years in prison for possessing Christian books. Pray he would remain steadfast in his faith and continue to know Christ’s faithfulnessContinue reading “Maldives-holiday paradise and persecuting pariah!”

7. Maldives

  World Watch List Rank: 7   Maldives Leader: President Abdulla Yameen Population: 333,000 (Several Christians) Main Religion: Islam Government: Republic  Source of Persecution: Islamic extremism To be Maldivian is equated with being Muslim, so officially there are no Maldivian Christians, only expat Christians. The government sees itself as the protector of Islam and theContinue reading “7. Maldives”

Holiday destination and antichristian state!

If you lived on the Maldives, your chances of becoming a believer in Christ would be slim indeed. All religions bar Islam are outlawed. There is no Bible in Dhivehi, your language, but if you search hard and long enough, and get past government blocking you may find something on the internet. Look here! With GodContinue reading “Holiday destination and antichristian state!”