The Jairong Tibetans of Sichuan, China.

Introducing the Jiarong Tibetans (slideshow) These people are one of several who look Tibetan but speak their own language and live in the eastern foothills of the Tibetan plateau in southwest China, Sichuan province not far from Chengdu which is a centre of outreach to them with the gospel. Pray the Chinese church will target,Continue reading “The Jairong Tibetans of Sichuan, China.”

Ergong of China

¬†This people group is typical of those in a country blessed with many believers but whose ethnicity is different (Han Chinese). The Han must cross cultural barriers to reach these folk-pray they will!   Recent research has revealed the existence of approximately 60,500 Ergong people living in remote parts of western Sichuan Province of westernContinue reading “Ergong of China”

Baima in China

Joshua Project has identified the Baima only in China Photo Source: Operation China, Paul Hattaway ¬© Copyrighted Used with permission Population 17,100 Christian 2.2% ?? Evangelical 2.0% ?? Largest Religion Ethnic Religions Main Language Baima Map Source: Joshua Project / Global Mapping International Identity The Baima have been counted as part of the Tibetan nationality,Continue reading “Baima in China”