Militants massacre 24 Christians including two ministers in western Ethiopia

12 March 2021 Twenty-four Christians, including two ministers, were attacked and killed by armed militants in western Ethiopia on Sunday 7 March. The Christians were attending a church service in Horo Guduru Welega zone (formerly Welega Province) on the eve of Ethiopian Lent, which began on 8 March. According to local contacts, members of theContinue reading “Militants massacre 24 Christians including two ministers in western Ethiopia”

Awful genocide in Tigray, Ethiopia

DISPLACED CHRISTIANS IN TIGRAY, ETHIOPIA, NEED URGENT FOOD Donate now Countless Christians have fled the murderous attacks by Eritrean forces“We lost hope and decided to stay and die at the church. We didn’t try to run,” said Abraham, recalling when Eritrean forces attacked the church in Dengelat village, in the east of Ethiopia’s Tigray region,Continue reading “Awful genocide in Tigray, Ethiopia”

Ethiopian massacre

At least 54 ethnic Amharas, mostly Christian women, children and elderly, reported massacred at school in Ethiopia Survivors of a massacre at a school in the western Oromia region of Ethiopia reported that at least 54 ethnic Amhara, most of whom are thought to have been Christians, died, according to a body count made after gunmen openedContinue reading “Ethiopian massacre”

Ethiopia: UPDATE – Imprisoned believers released.

Update 12/3/2017 These men have been acquitted and freed having been imprisoned for nearly three years. They are reunited with family. Lord restore to them the years the locust hath eaten and may they not have to pay compensation fines. 11 May 2016 The final hearing of the case against Tibebu Mekuria, Dawit Jemberu, andContinue reading “Ethiopia: UPDATE – Imprisoned believers released.”

Families Fear Imminent Threats by Local Radicals

International Christian Concern 2020 Pennsylvania Ave. NW #241, Washington, D.C. 20006  |  E-mail: Media Contact: Olivia Miller, Communications Coordinator (301)-859-3842 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Teenage Girls Imprisoned for Sharing Faith Released in Ethiopia   Families Fear Imminent Threats by Local Radicals 12/15/2016 Washington, D.C. (International Christian Concern) – International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned thatContinue reading “Families Fear Imminent Threats by Local Radicals”

Habiba pays heavy price for turning to Christ

For most of us, becoming a Christian is the start of an exciting new journey in our lives. For many of our brothers and sisters around the world, however, it’s when the trouble starts. Habiba has had to flee her home in Ethiopia and go into hiding just weeks after giving her life to Christ.Continue reading “Habiba pays heavy price for turning to Christ”

Ethiopian discrimination and persecution.

Six members of a church in Kilto in the south were imprisoned for writing a letter to government officials that complained about Muslim discrimination in employment, threats and physical attack. Despite an apology they have been sentenced to several years behind bars. Pray for a change of heart and the upholding of minority rights inContinue reading “Ethiopian discrimination and persecution.”