More and more hindu attacks.

INDIA: Pastor charged under new law after mob strikes Armed Hindu extremists in Madhya Pradesh reportedly disrupted worship services at two churches recently, beat congregation members and pressured police to arrest more than 20 Christians on suspicion of forcible conversion. Under a new anti-conversion law that came into effect in the central Indian state on JanuaryContinue reading “More and more hindu attacks.”

INDIA: Pastor reunited with family after extremists lock him up to die

Pastor Shelton Vishwanathan (47) from Sheohar in northeast India’s Bihar state has been reunited with his family almost eight weeks after Hindu extremists beat him unconscious, locked him in a room and left him to die. The pastor, who leads a house church of 18 people, told Morning Star News that the last thing he heard beforeContinue reading “INDIA: Pastor reunited with family after extremists lock him up to die”


INDIA: Christian villagers in hiding after brutal attack Several Christian families are reported to be in hiding after tribal animists in Chhattisgarh state, India, threatened to kill them for reporting a mob attack to police two weeks ago. Armed with bamboo sticks, iron rods, bows and arrows and iron sickles, a large mob attacked a homeContinue reading “INDIAN TRIBALS VIOLENCE AGAINST CHRISTIANS”

Muslim Teli of India

Teli (Muslim traditions) in India pronounced: TEL-eeThe word ‘Teli’ is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘tailika’ or ‘tails’, which means oil pressed from seeds. Traditionally this community manufactured mustard or sesame oil. Muslim Teli can be found in Pakistan and North India. Muslim Teli are called Teli Malik. Their traditional occupation of oil pressing isContinue reading “Muslim Teli of India”

Machhi (Muslim traditions) in Pakistan-unreached with gospel.

Machhi (Muslim traditions) in Pakistan pronounced: mah-CHEE “Machhi” refers to fish, and the Machhi people have a history of being fishermen. Most of the Muslim Machhi live in Pakistan, but there are some in northwest India as well. They have three subgroups: the Sial, Wajan and Sanjri. Inherited property is usually shared by the sonsContinue reading “Machhi (Muslim traditions) in Pakistan-unreached with gospel.”

Wicked Hindu rapes and murder.

Christian killed for protecting her daughter ‘Sunita’ (not her real name) was killed because she refused to allow rapists to abuse her child again. They had raped her daughter three times before, she had learnt – and the 26-year-old mother was not going to let it happen again. When she went out to confront theContinue reading “Wicked Hindu rapes and murder.”

Unreached Rajputs of India

Rajput Chauhan (Hindu traditions) in India pronounced: RAHJ-put CHOH-hahn The Chauhan Rajputs ruled some parts of northern India in the 1100s. Today they are village watchmen and laborers. This is a subgroup of the Rajputs that have some unusual customs. Most of their names come from the names of plants and animals. When they faceContinue reading “Unreached Rajputs of India”

More Indian martyrs.

INDIA: Fourth Christian killed in less than two months A pastor was shot dead in Maharashtra state on 10 July making him the fourth Christian martyred in India since late May. Pastor Munsi Deo Tando was abducted and murdered by Naxalites (far-left communist revolutionaries who follow the ideology of Mao Tse Tung). Pastor Munsi hadContinue reading “More Indian martyrs.”

Vengeance is mine, I will repay saith the Lord.

INDIA: Religious extremists murder another Christian Posted on 23Jun2020Categories India On 7 June, a group of armed religious extremists attacked and murdered 27-year-old Christian Kande Mudu in Bari village, Khunti District in Jharkhand state. The murder took place only three days after Hindu extremists in Odisha state murdered Christian teenager Samaru Madkami. At approximately 8Continue reading “Vengeance is mine, I will repay saith the Lord.”

The Sikhs

There are about 25 million Sikhs in the world composed of 92 peoples, who follow Sikkhism: Most are unevangelised: They usually wear a turban under which is a topknot of long hair by which they believe they will be hoisted up to heaven! Here is one typical people: Tarkhan (Sikh traditions) in IndiaContinue reading “The Sikhs”