PRCA support of PRCM (Yangon) in Myanmar


PRC Myanmar is pastored by Rev. Titus Sancueluai who initially was tutored by Rev. J. Kortering in Singapore.


Titus’ family

Hope PR church and Rev David Overway in conjunction with the Foreign Mission Committee of the PRCA oversee this work . Titus is personally tutored by video link. He follows HC preaching and catechism and conducts a weekly doctrines class mainly for the men in his congregation.

Rev Titus also holds regular classes  for other pastors and office bearers from “up country” e.g. Baptists and Methodists. Recently a visit from Hope PRC of Elder Jonathan Kamps and Deacon Dave Jessop has been much used and appreciated through a conference for these men on every aspect of church office, church polity etc.,(Acts 7– Deacon Stephen). English learning among these men is also a key issue.



Men at recent conference on office bearers.

Wisdom in supporting the field. Future missionary(ies) would fill a definite need and may be more a possibility if immigration rules are relaxed (Titus 1:5).

Location People Leaders
Yangon 1 cong.11 families and three other groups. Rev.Titus, two elders, fellowship leaders.
Irrawaddy 1cong.10 families and smaller group. 2 elders, 2 deacons. Soe Win (miss.pastor)
Kale 1 cong.10 families Kep Meng (pastor) 1 elder 1 deacon
Falam 1 cong.8 families Buag Peng (leader)
Southern Chin State A number of small groups 100 people. 3 church leaders.

PRC of Myanmar (with thanks to John VanBaren for all photos) 


DSC00418 DSC00528


PRCM office bearers plus Titus’ father


Regular pastors/office bearers teaching conference


Burmese are diminutive compared to Americans!






DSC01182 DSC01183

DSC01238 PRC Myanmar DSC01244 DSC01246 DSC01258 DSC01261 DSC01265




Orphanage staff


Boys from orphanage

DSC01304 DSC01306

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