Bakhrom in Tajikistan released.

Three-year sentence confirmed for Pastor Bakhrom Kholatov now completed Pastor Bakhrom, pictured with his wife Gulnora, two sons, Firdavs (now 21) and Firus (now 19), and  daughter, Gulnoza (now 14). Bakhrom was freed recently. Bakhrom Kholmatov, pastor of the Good News of Grace Protestant Church in Khujand, Sogd, northwest Tajikistan was arrested and imprisoned inContinue reading “Bakhrom in Tajikistan released.”

Christian missionaries arrested during an exam in Tajikistan

Christian missionaries arrested during an exam in Tajikistan   26 June 2018 Two Central Asian missionaries in Tajikistan were arrested in the middle of a college exam, after secret police officers marched into the college where they were sitting their final paper on 11 June. The young men, who converted from Islam three years agoContinue reading “Christian missionaries arrested during an exam in Tajikistan”

Tajikistan- Pray for Gulnora, Wife of Imprisoned pastor

Feb. 01, 2018 | Tajikistan Pray for Gulnora, Wife of Imprisoned Pastor While making the six-hour journey to visit her imprisoned husband, Gulnora suddenly became ill. She was taken to a local hospital, too sick to even visit her husband. After being diagnosed with high blood pressure, she was transferred to a hospital closer toContinue reading “Tajikistan- Pray for Gulnora, Wife of Imprisoned pastor”

Tajikistan – Church pastor held for having Christian literature.

Secret police arrested a church pastor in Khujand – the second largest city in Tajikistan – in April and are accusing him of “extremism” for being in possession of Christian literature, including church hymnbooks. Bakhrom Kholmatov’s family have not heard from him since his arrest. More: TAJIKISTAN – Pastor jailed for three years after “subversive”Continue reading “Tajikistan – Church pastor held for having Christian literature.”

New Believer In Tajikistan Clings to Christ

  Becoming a Christian in Tajikistan is no easy matter. The government, afraid of Islamic extremism, has also entirely barred Christian churches from registration, and closely monitors the few that it does allow to meet and hold services. Social pressures from the heavily Islamic (though largely nominal) culture are ever present. Despite all this, persecutionContinue reading “New Believer In Tajikistan Clings to Christ”

Not quite a babe or suckling but……..

  Our God and Father, we praise You for calling to faith a 13-year-old boy in Tajikistan through the teaching of “Aigul”, a Barnabas- funded Christian worker, and that he has now led his Muslim mother to Christ too. We thank You for his witness to his mother: “He told me that all people areContinue reading “Not quite a babe or suckling but……..”