Chinese authorities now even targetting registered churches!

Chinese officials demolish megachurch and arrest leaders Chinese Christians in Anhui are said to be ‘outraged’ after their state-registered megachurch was demolished and their pastors arrested. Demolition work (pictured) began at Funan County Christian Church on Friday, partway through a worship service. (More information and short video clip of the demolition here.) Elderly church members knelt down inContinue reading “Chinese authorities now even targetting registered churches!”

Pastor Zhang update.

Update below on Zhang. July 4th 2017 We’ve received reports that Pastor Zhang Shaojie, the leader of Nanle Country Christian Church, is currently enduring severe torture. His daughter, Esther, has reported that he is ‘barely alive’, and suffering both physically and mentally from the cruel treatment he’s experiencing, which includes sleep deprivation and starvation –Continue reading “Pastor Zhang update.”

Pray for Pastor John Cao, Arrested Recently by Chinese Authorities

May. 05, 2017 | China On March 5, police arrested Cao San-Qiang (John Cao), a Chinese pastor known for his work among Myanmar’s poor. Authorities charged Pastor Cao with “organizing illegal crossings of national borders.” Pastor Cao, who is currently being held in the Menglian Detention Center, had been crossing the border between China andContinue reading “Pray for Pastor John Cao, Arrested Recently by Chinese Authorities”

CHINA: Early Rain Covenant Church elder Li Yingqiang released on bail

CHINA: Early Rain Covenant Church elder Li Yingqiang released on bail On 18 August, elder Li Yingqiang from Early Rain Covenant Church in Sichuan province was released on bail and sent back to his home town in Hubei province with his wife and children. Following eight months’ imprisonment, Elder Li has lost weight but isContinue reading “CHINA: Early Rain Covenant Church elder Li Yingqiang released on bail”

Indonesian student in jail for blasphemy

Originally posted on VOICE OF THE PERSECUTED:
Agung Kurnia Ritonga, 22, a student at the University of North Sumatra in Medan, was found guilty of insulting Islam and is facing 18 months in jail. (photo supplied-ICAN) Prosecutors demand 18-month term for Christian youth accused of mocking the burning of an Islamic flag. Prosecutors in Indonesia…

Pray for Pastor Abraham, Charged with Blasphemy

This man has been released! Jan. 04, 2018 | Indonesia Pray for Pastor Abraham, Charged with Blasphemy An Indonesian pastor was charged with blasphemy recently after he shared his Christian faith in a taxi. In a widely circulated video, Pastor Abraham Ben Moses is heard speaking with a taxi driver about the Prophet Muhammad’s teachingsContinue reading “Pray for Pastor Abraham, Charged with Blasphemy”