Morocco abolishes death penalty for apostasy from Islam

MOROCCO Morocco’s High Religious Committee decreed earlier this year that individuals who leave Islam should not face the death penalty for apostasy. This astounding ruling from a body charged with issuing fatwas (an authoritative religious or juridical ruling), reverses the classical sharia legislation that has stood since medieval times. It is all the more significantContinue reading “Morocco abolishes death penalty for apostasy from Islam”

Unreached of the Day: Berber, Tekna in Morocco

  Berber, Tekna in Morocco The name Berber comes from an Arabic name for the aboriginal people west and south of Egypt. Berber is a generic name given to numerous ethnic groups who share similar cultural, political and economical practices. The arabization of the Berber people happened in three stages, the third stage taking placeContinue reading “Unreached of the Day: Berber, Tekna in Morocco”

Some good news (Morocco)

    Give thanks that the conviction of a Moroccan convert from Islam to Christianity for evangelising and “shaking the faith of a Muslim” was overturned on appeal on 6 February. Mohamed El Baladi had been sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison and a fine in September 2013. He was arrested, tried and condemned within aContinue reading “Some good news (Morocco)”

Pray for Christian Woman Attacked in Front of School

Mar. 06, 2014 | Morocco The wife of a Christian worker was violently attacked on Feb. 13 by three Muslim women who had discovered that she was a believer. One of the attackers has a daughter who attends the same school as the victim’s daughter, and the Muslim women attacked the Christian woman in frontContinue reading “Pray for Christian Woman Attacked in Front of School”