Demonstration of Christian Iraqi refugees: we do not want to go back to our Country

P Note: According to reports. Lebanon has the highest per-capita concentration of refugees in the world. 1 out of every four people is a refugee. Despite the numbers, Lebanon has a “no camp” policy which means refugees are not allowed to settle in large scale camps. Instead, they are forced to live in temporary shelters, often on waste […]

Iraqi Refugee Flees Death and Finds Life in Christ

March 25th, 2015 This story, I believe could be multiplied numerous times over, among the many refugees in the Middle East! “Waleed” fled his home in Iraq after Muslim fanatics threatened to kill him for questioning the Quran. After reaching Lebanon, he was directed to some VOM partners who told him about Christ. Waleed soon […]


  Lebanon, famous for it’s cedars, is a strategic centre for Theological studies and Christian ministry in the Middle East. *We ought to pray for God to Reform the seminaries and colleges and raise up men who will be used to strengthen churches in the region in the task of sharing Christ and proclaiming his […]