Persecution Watch: Praying for the Inhumane Suffering of Eritrean Christians

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? (Voice of the Persecuted) Before praying for Eritrea, we want to pray for: Leah Sharibu and Alice, made slaves for life by Boko Haram. Eritrea: Population: 5.2 million, Christians 2.5 million Horrific prisons and human rights atrocities. Since 1993, President Afwerki has overseen an authoritarian brutal regime…

Family of Eritrean prison martyr free.

Eritrean mother of three dies in desert prison Our sister Fikadu has died in an Eritrean prison camp in 2017 within three months of her arrest. Her four children and their father Afewerki are now free and living in Canada! (2/1/2020)   Martial law in this awful country: ERITREA – Security forces shoot 28 deadContinue reading “Family of Eritrean prison martyr free.”

More Eritrean Oppression.

ERITREA: Crackdown continues as eighty more Christians detained On Sunday 18 August, Eritrean security officials raided a home church and detained eighty Christians in Godaif district, near Asmara airport. Men, women and children were taken to the local police station, and have been held there ever since. The raid is yet another incident in 2019’s crackdownContinue reading “More Eritrean Oppression.”

Twen, Eritrea.

Prisoners of Faith Alert Prisoner’s one request: pray for Eritrea! Our dear sister Twen (pictured) has spent 13 years behind bars in Eritrea. Despite having suffered brutal treatment this young woman, who is described as a ‘precious, lovely Christian’ by those who know her, is more concerned about others than for her own wellbeing. WeContinue reading “Twen, Eritrea.”

Priest sends alarming report of ongoing suffering in Eritrea

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“The regime does not relieve pressure: it is a state-prison” Photo: Agenzia Fides The official end of the war with Ethiopia has not stopped the exodus and people still flee from Eritrea. Boys and girls run away from an oppressive regime and from a very poor society that…

Pray for the Family of Imprisoned Pastor Haile Nayzgi

Aug. 03, 2017 | Eritrea Pray for the Family of Imprisoned Pastor Haile Nayzgi   There are hundreds more like him. What are the Eritrean regime accomplishing by locking them up? Nothing? Creating misery? Actually furthering the gospel as with Paul in Rome and acting as refiners of their faith! Pastor Haile Nayzgi has spentContinue reading “Pray for the Family of Imprisoned Pastor Haile Nayzgi”

Eritrean repression and persecution continues

Eritrea represses all religious freedom in the country. In 2002, they enacted laws that allowed for only four legal religions: Roman Catholic, Eritrean Orthodox, Lutheran, and Sunni Islam. However, these four religions come with significant stipulations. To join any of these religions, one must make four pledges: 1) Their loyalty is to the government, notContinue reading “Eritrean repression and persecution continues”


ERITREA: Newlyweds among 32 Christians arrested in Asmara in March Eritrean police arrested 32 Christians in the capital, Asmara, in March, including a newlywed couple and ten of their guests. The newlyweds and their guests were arrested on 5 March at the couple’s home. Ten friends were visiting for a traditional coffee ceremony to welcomeContinue reading “MORE ERITREAN ARRESTS”