Laotian Pastor tortured and murdered

Last October this pastor, leader of a Lao Evangelical Church was killed and his body was found close to his motorbike after he embarked on a journey to preach 100Km away never arriving. He leaves a wife and eight children, youngest being only one year old. Local officials who object violently to the Christian faithContinue reading “Laotian Pastor tortured and murdered”

Ukrainian Pastor Murdered

Anatoliy Prokupchuk, a 52 year old preacher and deacon has been found dead after having been arrested for his church work in the Nova Kakhova a town occupied by Russian forces for several months. His body was found four days after his arrest outside the town with signs of torture. Please pray for his widowContinue reading “Ukrainian Pastor Murdered”

Nigerian Christians slaughtered as attacks continue

Violence against Christians in Nigeria shows no sign of let-up. Following the slaughter of at least 40 believers in the week leading up to Christmas, another was killed and 53 kidnapped on December 25 in southern Kaduna state. Militant Fulani herdsmen and other terrorists attacked Angwan Aku village in Kajuru County, at about 10am onContinue reading “Nigerian Christians slaughtered as attacks continue”

Euthanasia consultation: please respond today

View email in browser  Dear supporter,The House of Commons Health and Social Care Committee has launched an inquiry into euthanasia and assisted suicide: doctors killing patients and prescribing lethal drugs for patients to kill themselves. The Committee will produce a report on its findings which could be used to inform future debate. The inquiry relatesContinue reading “Euthanasia consultation: please respond today”