What do you know of the unreached?

Unreached means too few or zero Christians able to reach the group and no missionaries. Ever wondered why AsiaLink focuses on the continent of Asia? Three quarters of all unreached people live in Asia. No other part of the world has such a high concentration of people who have never heard the gospel and areContinue reading “What do you know of the unreached?”

Kumhar (India)

Kumhar (Hindu traditions) in India The Kumhar believe they are offspring of Lord Brahma (Prajapati). This large people group traditionally earned its livelihood through the sale of earthen pots, utensils and other products. In fact, the term “kumhar” means “potter” in some languages of India. Ministry Obstacles: The Kumhar often interpret an invitation to join theContinue reading “Kumhar (India)”

The Hui of China

 An unreached people-do you care enough to pray? Hui in China Numbering over 10 million, the Hui are the largest and most widespread of China’s Muslim nationalities, and are widely scattered throughout the country. Their ancestors are largely Arabs, Persians, and Mongols. One of the worst cases of genocide in history occurred between 1855 andContinue reading “The Hui of China”

Another unreached people.

 They MUST hear, they MUST be discipled-or the end cannot come! Angku in China The Angku were originally part of a large Austro-Asiatic group that occupied much of Yunnan before the Dai and Yi people arrived. “They were driven out of their habitats by the invaders, dispersed and split into the isolated groups they areContinue reading “Another unreached people.”

Ahar people, India, unreached.

Ahar in India Ahar is a sub-caste of the dominant shudra caste in India. Ahar are usually the people who own most of the land in the areas where they live. Ahar don’t take up menial work as a profession and are thus ranked above the other shudras in the ritual caste hierarchy. Marriage ofContinue reading “Ahar people, India, unreached.”