No known believers among the Ansari of Pakistan!

Ansari in Pakistan pronounced: ahn-SAH-reeThe Ansari people are noted for their friendliness and their helpfulness. They are predominately artisans by trade and are mostly poor. The weaving of silk is a common trade skill of these people. Although traditionally weavers and textile sellers, the Ansaris are now involved in a wide range of small businessContinue reading “No known believers among the Ansari of Pakistan!”

Unreached Rajputs of India

Rajput Chauhan (Hindu traditions) in India pronounced: RAHJ-put CHOH-hahn The Chauhan Rajputs ruled some parts of northern India in the 1100s. Today they are village watchmen and laborers. This is a subgroup of the Rajputs that have some unusual customs. Most of their names come from the names of plants and animals. When they faceContinue reading “Unreached Rajputs of India”

Dongxiang people of China

Dongxiang in China pronounced: Dong-shee-ungThe Dongxiang region is a desolate, arid place with a moon-like landscape. Other Muslims in China do not consider the Dongxiang to be a part of the Islamic faith because of their involvement in drug and prostitution rackets. Not long after the Dongxiang first arrived in China, they were converted toContinue reading “Dongxiang people of China”

Yet another unreached people in India

In western Europe we have had the gospel and generally it is now rejected-these people have, for the most part, never heard it. Do you care enough just to quickly petition the Lord of the harvest to send them labourers?  Unreached of the Day: Mahratta Kunbi in India  From Joshua Project on 2020-04-18  Mahratta Kunbi in India pronounced:Continue reading “Yet another unreached people in India”

Brahmins India

Brahmins in India number many millions! See All Brahmins Brahmin Kanaujia in India pronounced: BRAH-min kuh-NO-gee-ah People Name: Brahmin Kanaujia Population: 4,145,000 Language: Hindi Primary Religion: Hinduism Bible: Complete Audio NT (FCBH): Yes Audio Recordings: Yes Christ Followers: Few, less than 2% Status: Unreached Progress Level: The Kanaujia or Kanyakubja Brahmins receive their name fromContinue reading “Brahmins India”

Yet another Indian people-unreached.

Dusadh Bahelia in India pronounced: doo-SAHT bah-HEH-lee-ahThe Dusadh (or Dosadh), live on the west coast of India. They were litter carriers long ago. The community is largely employed as village watchmen and messengers. They say that Robert Clive’s army was comprised mostly of Dusadh. The Dusadh were known for their criminal behavior, looting and robbingContinue reading “Yet another Indian people-unreached.”

Unreached people-DHANUK

Please pray God will save some of these folk! Dhanuk in India pronounced: dah-NOOK The Dhanuk build their houses in clusters in the river basins and on the edges of forests. They are occupied with fishing and animal husbandry, and many earn their livelihood by working as agriculture laborers and household servants. Dhanuks believe inContinue reading “Unreached people-DHANUK”

Yadav of India-third largest unreached people on planet?!

Yadav (Hindu traditions) in India (pronounced: YAH-dahv) The Yadav believe they are the descendants of king Yadu, from whom Krishna descended. Their traditional occupation is animal husbandry. They have expertise in oral traditions like sevagaridi, i.e. group singing in praise of Lord Vishnu. They freely share wells, roads, schools, crematoria, temple, etc. with other villagers.Continue reading “Yadav of India-third largest unreached people on planet?!”

Lunia people India-Unreached

Yet another totally unreached people needing missionaries:  Unreached of the Day: Lunia (Hindu traditions) in India From Joshua Project on 2020-02-05 10:04 Lunia (Hindu traditions) in India pronounced: loo-nee-AH The name Lunia comes from Lun or Nun meaning “moist,” and is the name for sea salt. Hindu society classes Lunia people as Shudras, the lowest of the fourContinue reading “Lunia people India-Unreached”