The Holocaust is only one example of genocide… Between 1893 and 1923, some 1.5 million Armenians were killed in the Ottoman Empire in a policy of extermination of Christian minorities. In addition some 2.25 million Assyrian, Greek and Syriac Christians were also killed within Ottoman territories between 1914 and 1923, making a total of 3.75Continue reading “THE ARMENIAN GENOCIDE”

Azerbaijani pastor in Catch 22 situation.

Catch 22 for Azerbaijani pastor     Pastor Hamid (left) from north Azerbaijan has been banned from holding church meetings – yet again. The Baptist leader has just been told his church is illegal because it’s not registered, even though he’s been trying to register it for 20 years. In the latest assault on hisContinue reading “Azerbaijani pastor in Catch 22 situation.”

Release of Azerbaijani men in Iran.

Azerbaijani Christians Eldar Gubanov, Yusif Farhadov and Bahram Nasibov have been held without charge in Iran since their June 24 arrest at an engagement party. Aug. 26, 2016 | Iran Pray for Eldar, Yusif and Bahram, Arrested at an Engagement Party Three Azerbaijani Christians and one Iranian Christian have been held without charge in IranContinue reading “Release of Azerbaijani men in Iran.”

AZERBAIJAN – Christian prisoner needs urgent prayer

Please pray for an Azeri brother who is in prison in Georgia on what we strongly believe are false charges that he was in possession of drugs. ‘Shimon’ (not his real name) was arrested in Georgia last May. Our partner said: ‘His health is very bad and he needs urgent help – medical, spiritual andContinue reading “AZERBAIJAN – Christian prisoner needs urgent prayer”

Azeris (Azerbaijan)

Azerbaijani, Azeri Turk in Iran In Iran the term “Azeri” is used formally for these people; however, informally, Azeris and other Turkic speaking Iranian populations are colloquially referred to as “Tork” (Turk). Despite some friction in the past, Azerbaijanis in Iran came to be “well represented at all levels of political, military, and intellectual hierarchies,Continue reading “Azeris (Azerbaijan)”