Korean crimes against humanity

North Korean Christian detention camp survivors give horrific accounts of torture Horrifying accounts of the torture of North Korean Christians arrested for the “crime” of their faith have been given by survivors of the totalitarian regime’s brutality. Details of the cruelty meted out to Christians are contained in a report from a London-based campaign group, Korea FutureContinue reading “Korean crimes against humanity”

North Korea (top of World watch list)

North Korea World Watch ranking: 1 Leader Kim Jong-un How Many Christians? 300,000 (1.2%) Main Threats Life imprisonment Government surveillance Murder Latest News North Korea | October 09, 2020Pray for North Korea on the 75th Party Foundation DayNorth Korea | August 28, 2020The ‘ghost disease’ in North KoreaView more£22Could provide a believer facing extreme persecution withContinue reading “North Korea (top of World watch list)”

NORTH KOREA: Kim Dong Chul released with two others and flown to USA

  On 9 May, US businessman and missionary Kim Dong Chul was released, along with US citizens Kim Hak-song and Kim Sang-duk (also known as Tony Kim), who had also been detained in North Korea. They flew overnight to the USA with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who had been visiting Pyongyang to arrange aContinue reading “NORTH KOREA: Kim Dong Chul released with two others and flown to USA”

Kim Dong Chul -North Korea

Hope for Kim Dong Chul  Hopeful news overnight from North Korea – Kim Dong Chul, a missionary and businessman serving a 10-year sentence, was moved from labour camp to a Pyongyang hotel amid speculation that he will be released soon.  Read more Copyright © 2018 Church in Chains, All rights reserved. You are receiving this email because you optedContinue reading “Kim Dong Chul -North Korea”

North Korea-pastor Kim Kuk-gi.

1 July 2015 CNNclip I cannot believe these Christians would act as paid spies and carry forged currency! Among other things Kim was accused of spreading “religious propaganda” from an “underground church” he ran in Dandong, which has a large ethnic Korean community and is a hub of both official and illicit cross-border trade. InContinue reading “North Korea-pastor Kim Kuk-gi.”

Prayer for North Korea

What we should really pray for in North Korea     We should see the North Korean missile crisis as a prompt for prayer for our persecuted family inside the ‘hermit kingdom’ – and for Pyongyang’s leaders.   That’s the cry of Release partners as Pyongyang prepares to stage a provocative show of its military strengthContinue reading “Prayer for North Korea”

Pray for Pastor Kim, Who Helps Trafficked North Korean Women

Aug. 17, 2017 | Korea, North Every year, hundreds of North Korean women are sold in China either as prostitutes or as wives for Chinese men. These women are enslaved in brothels or homes, and if caught outside they are sent back to North Korea, where they are likely to face harsh punishment. Because theseContinue reading “Pray for Pastor Kim, Who Helps Trafficked North Korean Women”

One North American Pastor in North Korea released*

UPDATES Kim Dong Chul A Korean-American recently appearing on television in North Korean custody has been identified according to both Reuters and CNN as Christian pastor Kim Dong Chul, formerly of Fairfax, Virginia. The pastor, if confirmed, would be the second westerner to be held captive by the North Korean regime after Canadian pastor Hyeon-SooContinue reading “One North American Pastor in North Korea released*”

Pray for the Spread of the Gospel to North Korea Through Radio Broadcasts

May. 19, 2017 | Korea, North A new shortwave radio program created by North Korean defectors and VOM is reaching an estimated 2 million North Koreans nightly. Each 90-minute program includes a Scripture reading, encouraging messages from Christians around the world, readings from Pastor Richard Wurmbrand’s Tortured for Christ and a recitation of the NiceneContinue reading “Pray for the Spread of the Gospel to North Korea Through Radio Broadcasts”