Nigerian Genocide

Stop the Christian Genocide in Nigeria Almost 3,000 Christians were murdered in 2019. There are hundreds of women and girls kidnapped,forcibly raped and “married” to Islamist terrorists In a typical incident – ELDERS HOLD SERVICE IN BURNT OUT CHURCH AFTER BOKO HARAM LAYS WASTE TO CHRISTIAN VILLAGE Four Nigerian church elders held a Sunday service inContinue reading “Nigerian Genocide”

Roksari in Iran

This woman is released! BREAKING NEWS: Mahrokh Kanbari unconditionally released This afternoon, we heard the great news that Mahrokh Kanbari (for whom we have been praying this week as part of the Lent Prayer Project) was informed earlier today by prison authorities in Iran that she has been unconditionally released from the remainder of her one-year prisonContinue reading “Roksari in Iran”

Bakhrom in Tajikistan released.

Three-year sentence confirmed for Pastor Bakhrom Kholatov now completed Pastor Bakhrom, pictured with his wife Gulnora, two sons, Firdavs (now 21) and Firus (now 19), and  daughter, Gulnoza (now 14). Bakhrom was freed recently. Bakhrom Kholmatov, pastor of the Good News of Grace Protestant Church in Khujand, Sogd, northwest Tajikistan was arrested and imprisoned inContinue reading “Bakhrom in Tajikistan released.”

Freedom of speech in UK.

Christian Weekly News 28 February 2020 Highlights The freedom to show the ugly truth What if we lived in a society where politicians could shut down criticism of their policies by using police force? It’s a very real and serious problem for Christians (and others) around the world, but the case of Christian Hacking this weekContinue reading “Freedom of speech in UK.”

Family of 11 Homeless for Leaving Islam in Eastern Uganda

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UGANDA (Morning Star News) – The pastor of a church in eastern Uganda faces a dilemma after receiving threatening messages from Muslim villagers last week. A large family is staying at his church site after Islamist threats for leaving Islam forced them to flee their home. His congregation…

More murders in Burkina Faso

Gunmen killed 24 people including a pastor and wounded 18 others in an attack on a church in the town of Pansi, Yahga province, northeast Burkina Faso. On 16 February, a group of about twenty gunmen rode into Pansi on motorbikes and opened fire on Christians during Sunday service. At least ten were killed andContinue reading “More murders in Burkina Faso”

Support Reza and family!

Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Donate online Breaking News Christian convert fears for his life if deported by Home Office Why is the Home Office unjustly discriminating against Christians…again? There sadly seems to be an increasing number of reports that the UK immigration service is acting with an anti-Christian bias. This also appearsContinue reading “Support Reza and family!”

Nigeria: ‘Government is Boko Haram but without bomb’, says church leader

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? ? Wala Village attack Nigeria Photo: Voice of the Persecuted Nigeria’s president, Muhammadu Buhari, went to the United Kingdom last week to discuss trade and investment amid increased criticism from church leaders back home who say the government is effectively enabling attacks on Christians in the country.…