Institutionalized Nigerian murders

6 Christian Soldiers Reportedly Executed by Nigerian Military  2/7/2021 Nigeria (International Christian Concern)- The Christian Post reported that on January 25th, 6 Christian Soldiers were framed, tried, and secretly executed by the Nigerian Government.  Emeka Umeagbalasi, the International Society for Civil Liberties and Rule of Law Chair, told the Post that the men were framed whenContinue reading “Institutionalized Nigerian murders”

Saudi convert to Christianity faces two court cases amid threats of violence

15 March 2021 A Christian convert in Saudi Arabia is facing two court cases as well as threats of violence against him and his family. The convert, named only as “A”, appeared in court on 11 March 2021 on charges of trying to convert Muslims. The charges arose from a conversation a restaurant in 2020, in whichContinue reading “Saudi convert to Christianity faces two court cases amid threats of violence”

Gunmen abduct 39 students from Nigerian college in Kaduna

16 March 2021 Gunmen abducted 39 students, most of whom are Christians, from the Federal College of Forestry Mechanisation in Mando, Kaduna state, Nigeria on 11 March. The armed gang raided the college at about 9.30 p.m., shooting indiscriminately and rounding up 219 people. Of these, 180 were rescued by the army soon afterwards. Several videosContinue reading “Gunmen abduct 39 students from Nigerian college in Kaduna”

Militants massacre 24 Christians including two ministers in western Ethiopia

12 March 2021 Twenty-four Christians, including two ministers, were attacked and killed by armed militants in western Ethiopia on Sunday 7 March. The Christians were attending a church service in Horo Guduru Welega zone (formerly Welega Province) on the eve of Ethiopian Lent, which began on 8 March. According to local contacts, members of theContinue reading “Militants massacre 24 Christians including two ministers in western Ethiopia”

Awful genocide in Tigray, Ethiopia

DISPLACED CHRISTIANS IN TIGRAY, ETHIOPIA, NEED URGENT FOOD Donate now Countless Christians have fled the murderous attacks by Eritrean forces“We lost hope and decided to stay and die at the church. We didn’t try to run,” said Abraham, recalling when Eritrean forces attacked the church in Dengelat village, in the east of Ethiopia’s Tigray region,Continue reading “Awful genocide in Tigray, Ethiopia”

Eritrean Prisoner Releases

ERITREA: 21 Christian women released from notorious island prison On 3 March, 21 Christian women were released from Nakura prison in the Dahlak archipelago in the Red Sea. Nakura is well known in Eritrea as a notorious prison built by the Italian colonial authorities in 1892 to detain Eritreans opposed to their rule. The prisonContinue reading “Eritrean Prisoner Releases”


The Holocaust is only one example of genocide… Between 1893 and 1923, some 1.5 million Armenians were killed in the Ottoman Empire in a policy of extermination of Christian minorities. In addition some 2.25 million Assyrian, Greek and Syriac Christians were also killed within Ottoman territories between 1914 and 1923, making a total of 3.75Continue reading “THE ARMENIAN GENOCIDE”

ERITREA: Ten Christian prisoners released

News has emerged of the release of ten Christian prisoners from Mai Serwa prison near Asmara, the capital. They were released during the second week of January and while their names have not been made public, it is known that some were “long-term” prisoners, having been held for over five years. The latest releases followContinue reading “ERITREA: Ten Christian prisoners released”

Five Christians in China charged for distributing audio Bibles

19 January 2021 In further evidence of the intensifying crackdown on Christian activity in China, five Christians have been charged for involvement in the distribution of audio Bibles. In the latest World Watch List, released last week, China re-entered the top 20 for the first time in a decade.  Tim  The Chinese government is targetingContinue reading “Five Christians in China charged for distributing audio Bibles”