Putin and his cronies are no friends of real believers!

Sep. 09, 2016 | Russia Pray for Russian Christians Punished Under a New Religion Law At least three Christians have been fined recently for violating a new amendment to Russia’s Religion Laws that prohibits sharing of beliefs. Pastor Aleksei Telius and two foreign residents, Ebenezer Tuah and Donald Ossewaarde, were fined on charges that they […]

First American Citizen Charged under Russia’s Anti-Missionary Law

    Pastor Conducted Religious Meeting in the Privacy of his Home 08/30/2016 Washington, D.C. (International Christian Concern) – ICC has learned that the first American citizen has been charged under Russia’s new “anti-terror” or “Yarovaya laws.” While ostensibly aimed at countering extremist activity, the newly implemented laws also make the sharing of religious beliefs without proper government […]

RUSSIA: Putin signs sharing beliefs, “extremism”, punishments

Originally posted on VOICE OF THE PERSECUTED:
By Victoria Arnold, Forum 18 President Putin has signed amendments imposing harsh restrictions on sharing beliefs, including where and who may share them, and increased “extremism” punishments, introduced with alleged “anti-terrorism” changes. There are widespread Russian protests against the suddenly-introduced changes, and may be a Constitutional Court challenge.…

Russia: seven churches burned in one year in Tatarstan

by Nina Achmatova Political and spiritual leaders concerned about rising fundamentalism in the Russian autonomous republic with a Muslim majority. Spiritual leaders invite people not to give in to provocations. Local priest: ” The Wahhabis are the culprits.” Moscow (AsiaNews) – Churches burned, attacks foiled and increased pressure on Christians to convert to Islam. In […]