More Eastern Ukraine pressure

Authorities in eastern Ukraine shut down all Evangelical churches 23 October 2018 All Evangelical churches in the Lugansk People’s Republic face forced closure, as authorities in the self-proclaimed autonomous region in eastern Ukraine, overrun by forces loyal to Russia,  are understood to have banned their activity. Congregations are emptying church buildings of books and furniture. ChurchContinue reading “More Eastern Ukraine pressure”

UKRAINE: Faith groups face armed raids, worship bans and fines

Originally posted on VOICE OF THE PERSECUTED:
Donetsk and Lugansk regions of Ukraine – vector map (Forum 18) Armed men – often from the State Security Ministry or police of the self-declared Luhansk People’s Republic – often raid religious communities, halt worship meetings and seize religious literature. Courts hand down fines of several weeks’ average…

Ukraine Post War: Victor & Natalia’s Story

Poignant story of how war destroys but God controls. United with the Persecuted   “I truly feel that I am a part of the Body of Christ. And I know people are praying for me, not just here, but people in America, Germany, Russia. It’s like the Scripture says, how the entire body suffers when one member suffers.Continue reading “Ukraine Post War: Victor & Natalia’s Story”

UKRAINE – Mounting violence against Christians

November 14, 2014   Separatists have seized an evangelical church in eastern Ukraine amid reports of increasingly frequent attacks on Christians in the region. In the latest attack, armed separatists broke into a newly constructed church in Donetsk on Wednesday, driving out the Christians inside and forbidding them from holding any further services there. TheyContinue reading “UKRAINE – Mounting violence against Christians”

Four Christian Broadcasting Volunteers Beaten to Death in Ukraine

If this is true it is utterly disgraceful! Four FEBC Volunteers Martyred in Ukraine In recent weeks, pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine have begun targeting evangelical Christians, who they consider a threat to the Orthodox principles they wish to establish. Four volunteers of a Ukrainian Christian broadcast station were ruthlessly beaten to death by the rebelsContinue reading “Four Christian Broadcasting Volunteers Beaten to Death in Ukraine”

UKRAINE: Memorial service held for four murdered Christians

31st July, 2014 On Sunday 20 July a service was held in the city of Slavyansk, in the volatile Donetsk region, in memory of four Christians killed by pro-Russian separatists on 9 June 2014. Pastor Peter Dudnyk wrote: “Our brothers have been murdered… The funeral service is today. All the Evangelical churches of the cityContinue reading “UKRAINE: Memorial service held for four murdered Christians”

Pray for Pastor Sergie Kosyak

From Voice of the Martyrs Evangelical churches in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk are being targeted by pro-Russian forces, which view the evangelicals as “sects” that support the Ukrainian government by praying for peace. VOM has received reports of at least nine attacks on Christians, churches and church-run drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers. PastorContinue reading “Pray for Pastor Sergie Kosyak”