ISRAEL – Work ban to be enforced on Eritrean Christian asylum seekers

What happened to the nation that was commanded to care for the stranger in their midst? Exodus 22:21. Interior Minister Ayre Dery has said that he will make sure that African asylum seekers who refuse to leave for Uganda or Rwanda are unable to work in Israel. “If successful, the new policy will enforce a […]

Believers’ homes in Israel attacked

Messianic believers in southern Israel have been the target of a violent protest over a new meeting centre that’s just opened in Dimona. Ultra-Orthodox Jews caused a disturbance outside the new Messianic meeting place last Thursday – then took their protest out into the community, attacking believers’ homes. Please pray for Albert and Esther Knoester […]

Pray for Ethiopian Messianic Jews Denied Israeli Citizenship

Feb. 26, 2016 | Israel Pray for Ethiopian Messianic Jews Denied Israeli Citizenship Three Ethiopian Messianic Jewish families have been denied Israeli citizenship because they claim Jesus as Messiah. The Law of Return states that Jews are entitled to immigrate to Israel and receive citizenship if they have a Jewish mother and are not a […]

Arab, Palestinian of West Bank / Gaza

 A key people in the middle east.   Palestinians are generally pleasant, generous and friendly. They are traditionally hospitable and prepare elaborate dinners for their guests, regardless of their economic situation. Palestinians are predominantly adherents of Sunni Islam with a minority Christian community. The Holy Land, birthplace of Jesus Christ and the land from where […]