Family of 11 Homeless for Leaving Islam in Eastern Uganda

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UGANDA (Morning Star News) – The pastor of a church in eastern Uganda faces a dilemma after receiving threatening messages from Muslim villagers last week. A large family is staying at his church site after Islamist threats for leaving Islam forced them to flee their home. His congregation…

Christian in Uganda Loses Children, Mother and Stepfather to Islamist Attack, Sources Say

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Gaddafi National Mosque in Kampala, Uganda. (Wikipedia, Laika, ac) (Morning Star News) – A 36-year-old Christian near Kampala, Uganda is mourning the deaths of his son, daughter, mother and stepfather, who were killed when Muslim extremists set their house ablaze seven weeks ago, sources said. Before the radical…

Converts, Pastors Threatened with Death; Gospel Meetings Banned in Town in Uganda

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(Morning Star News) – Police have banned evangelistic events in a town in western Uganda following open-air preaching in which many Muslims put their faith in Christ, sources said. Churches in Bwera, on Uganda’s western border with the Democratic Republic of Congo, held a joint evangelistic event amid…

Large Family in Eastern Uganda Becomes Big Target for Muslim Extremists

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(Morning Star News) – Yusuf Tulo and his sizeable family were worshiping in their home in eastern Uganda on April 28 when they heard their neighbors shouting, “Fire!” Tulo, 35, had left Islam to put his faith in Christ last October. He still had three wives and 14…

Imam in Eastern Uganda Faces Wrath of Muslims after Putting Faith in Christ

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Hassan Podo, former sheikh beaten after his family learned he had become a Christian (Photo: Morning Star News/Google Map) (Morning Star News) – Sheikh Hassan Podo, a 28-year-old imam in Kerekerene village in eastern Uganda, missed mosque prayers for three consecutive weeks and was seen entering a church…

Christian Mother, Pastor Face Death Threats in Uganda

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“Please, we need prayer from God to give us direction on how to handle this delicate situation and the support for the young family of Kawanguzi, especially the young innocent children.” Kenya (Morning Star News) – Shakira Wanyenze, a 31-year-old Muslim woman, had no idea that missing a ride…

More Muslim anti-gospel Interventions.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Pastor and Five Evangelists Arrested for Preaching in Uganda Local Muslim Community Complains to Police, Leading to Arrest 11/29/2018 Washington, D.C. (International Christian Concern) – International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that on Saturday, November 24, Pastor Tom Palapande and his team of five evangelists were arrested in eastern Uganda. Local MuslimsContinue reading “More Muslim anti-gospel Interventions.”

Two boys left orphans as newly converted father poisoned.

Two Boys Abandoned After Recently Converted Father Is Poisoned in Uganda By ICC’s East Africa Correspondent 11/08/2018 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – Growing up in western Uganda, Bwambare and Mumbere, two Ugandan boys never imagined a day when they would be separated from their parents. However, trouble began in November 2016 when their father, Abdul Hamza, convertedContinue reading “Two boys left orphans as newly converted father poisoned.”

Pray that Leticia Will Get Her Daughter Back

Dec. 28, 2017 | Uganda When Leticia told her Muslim family she had become a Christian, they waited until she had left the house and then cleared her room of all her belongings. Her father cursed her and told her she was no longer his child. The family kicked Leticia out of the house andContinue reading “Pray that Leticia Will Get Her Daughter Back”

Uganda-Pray for Isaac, Whose Shop Was Destroyed by Muslims

Oct. 05, 2017 | Uganda “Isaac” recently opened a shop to sell Christian videos and music, including some of his own recordings. But Muslims broke into the shop and took Isaac’s speakers so that he can’t play the music. Although he reported the burglary to authorities, they did not investigate. The Muslims later returned andContinue reading “Uganda-Pray for Isaac, Whose Shop Was Destroyed by Muslims”