Ashfaq Masih, Shagufta and Shafquat in Pakistan

Pakistani Christian couple’s appeal hearing against “blasphemy” conviction adjourned The appeal court hearing for Pakistani couple, Shafqat Emmanuel and Shagufta Kausar, against their “blasphemy” conviction scheduled for 11 September was adjourned because one of the two panel judges failed to appear. A new date has yet to be set for the hearing. Appeal judges will be toldContinue reading “Ashfaq Masih, Shagufta and Shafquat in Pakistan”

Zafar Bhatti’s lawyers encouraged by outcome of High Court hearing in Pakistan

UPDATE: Zafar Bhatti’s lawyers encouraged by outcome of High Court hearing in Pakistan Members of the legal team acting for seriously ill Pakistani Christian Zafar Bhatti were encouraged today, 10 September, by the response of the High Court in Lahore to their request for bail on medical grounds and an early hearing against his conviction for “blasphemy”.Continue reading “Zafar Bhatti’s lawyers encouraged by outcome of High Court hearing in Pakistan”

Another wicked blasphemy accusation.

NABEEL MASIH Posted on16SEP2020 Nabeel Masih (20) has been in prison in Pakistan since September 2016, when he was accused of liking and sharing a Facebook post that allegedly “defamed and disrespected” the Kaaba in Mecca. At the time of his arrest, Nabeel was only 16 and illiterate. He said Muslim friends set up theContinue reading “Another wicked blasphemy accusation.”

Young Pakistani Christian woman working as maid beaten by employers for refusing to convert to Islam

A young Pakistani Christian woman working as a domestic servant was beaten by her employers, and later accused of theft, after she refused to convert to Islam. Eighteen-year-old Anika Shehzad is from a poor family and took the live-in job for a monthly wage of 5,000 Pakistani Rupees (£23; $30; €25) in order to help supportContinue reading “Young Pakistani Christian woman working as maid beaten by employers for refusing to convert to Islam”

Another wicked spurious Pakistani blasphemy case.

PAKISTAN: Christian father of four sentenced to death for blasphemy                   Death sentence for Pakistani Christian accused of blasphemy A Christian who has been held in custody awaiting trial since 2013 has been sentenced to death by a court in Pakistan. Asif Pervaiz, aged 37, was accusedContinue reading “Another wicked spurious Pakistani blasphemy case.”

Machhi (Muslim traditions) in Pakistan-unreached with gospel.

Machhi (Muslim traditions) in Pakistan pronounced: mah-CHEE “Machhi” refers to fish, and the Machhi people have a history of being fishermen. Most of the Muslim Machhi live in Pakistan, but there are some in northwest India as well. They have three subgroups: the Sial, Wajan and Sanjri. Inherited property is usually shared by the sonsContinue reading “Machhi (Muslim traditions) in Pakistan-unreached with gospel.”

Mochi people Pakistan

  Unreached of the Day: Mochi (Muslim traditions) in Pakistan  From Joshua Project Mochi (Muslim traditions) in Pakistan pronounced: MOH-cheeIf you were to purchase any sort of saddle or leather shoes in Nepal, northern India or Pakistan, chances are good that it was put together by a Mochi. The name “Mochi” comes from the Sanskrit mochikaContinue reading “Mochi people Pakistan”

Another unreached people-the Dhobi of Pakistan

Unreached of the Day: Dhobi (Muslim traditions) in Pakistan  Dhobi (Muslim traditions) in Pakistan pronounced: DOH-beeThe Dhobi are a large collective community of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal. They derive their name from the Sanskrit term dahv which means ‘wash’. The Dhobi are traditionally the clothes washers. They are a scheduled caste in many ofContinue reading “Another unreached people-the Dhobi of Pakistan”

No known believers among the Ansari of Pakistan!

Ansari in Pakistan pronounced: ahn-SAH-reeThe Ansari people are noted for their friendliness and their helpfulness. They are predominately artisans by trade and are mostly poor. The weaving of silk is a common trade skill of these people. Although traditionally weavers and textile sellers, the Ansaris are now involved in a wide range of small businessContinue reading “No known believers among the Ansari of Pakistan!”