Albania is mentioned in Scripture as Illyricum in Romans 15:19, it was as far as Paul’s preaching and influence reached. For most of the 20th century it was a closed communist hermit nation. People prayed! In 1990 communism collapsed. Today there are approx. 330 evangelical mission workers in the country, 160 in the capital Tirana. […]


Hilki Berisha is a dentist and a pastor in Kamenice. He has a friend in a neighbouring town who could help with dental work if finances permitted. Pray for him and his need to balance his work and ministry.  Kamenice. Kosovo. Recognised as an independent state by over 100 of United Nations. Rugged mountainous region […]


Albania means “land of the eagles”. The nation lies in the Balkan peninsula (see map) across the Adriatic from Italy. Capital: Tirana 1 million    Population: 3 million Language: Albanian Example: Mateu 1 Albanian Bible (ALB) 1 Libri i gjenealogjisë së Jezu Krishtit, birit të Davidit, birit të Abrahamit. 2 Abrahamit i lindi Isaku; Isakut i lindi […]