More Laotian persecution

Laos district governor orders Christian families to leave village or face jail 20 November 2018 A regional governor gave 20 Christian families one month to leave their village in northern Laos or face jail, after claiming Christianity is a “foreign religion”. Despite local church leaders pointing out that Christianity is not illegal in Laos, theContinue reading “More Laotian persecution”

Christian Family Remains in Village Despite Persecution

Apr. 26, 2018 | Laos Christian Family Remains in Village Despite Persecution A young Christian couple and their toddler son have chosen to stay in their animist village even though persecution has caused many other villagers to abandon the Christian faith they once professed. After authorities destroyed the couple’s home in an attempt to driveContinue reading “Christian Family Remains in Village Despite Persecution”

Laos- Praise God for the Release of Four Men and Faithfulness of Seven Families

Nov. 16, 2017 | Laos Four Christian men arrested over the past two months were released from jail recently. The first believer to be arrested, “Sanyahak,” was detained in early October after 40 people came to know Christ through his witness. The three other men were later arrested, amid ongoing harassment of seven Christian familiesContinue reading “Laos- Praise God for the Release of Four Men and Faithfulness of Seven Families”

Pray for Vu, Rejected by Her Family

Sep. 14, 2017 | Laos Pray for Vu, Rejected by Her Family “Vu” placed her faith in Christ earlier this year while working in the Laotian capital of Vientiane. Several months later, she shared her faith with her parents and brother in hope that they, too, would become Christians. Instead, they cursed her. They insistedContinue reading “Pray for Vu, Rejected by Her Family”


Aug. 31, 2017 | Laos Pray for “Noum” and Her Sons, Who Are Now Homeless After 54-year-old “Noum” and her two sons became Christians, her husband angrily refused to let them practice their faith. Then, when village authorities and witchdoctors accused Noum of angering the spirit presiding over the village, Noum’s husband threatened to kickContinue reading “WHEN DISCIPLESHIP COSTS FAMILY!”

Pray for Keowynn, Kicked Out of His Home by His Son

Jul. 07, 2017 | Laos “Keowynn” and his family recently moved to a new area to share the gospel with an unreached people group. As his new church grew, however, his oldest son began to reject God. He started drinking and abusing drugs, and he wants nothing to do with his father’s Christian faith. NowContinue reading “Pray for Keowynn, Kicked Out of His Home by His Son”

Pray for Ngam, Expelled from His Home Because of His Faith

Dec. 09, 2016 | Laos After “Ngam” became a Christian two years ago at age 19, his relationship with his parents deteriorated until they eventually kicked him out of their house. His new beliefs were a constant source of conflict between him and his parents. They encouraged him to stop attending a house church andContinue reading “Pray for Ngam, Expelled from His Home Because of His Faith”

Pray for Three Church Leaders Arrested for Holding Church Services

  Police in Laos raided a worship service on Sept. 4, arresting three Hmong church leaders for holding services without permission from authorities. The pastors have been denied visits from family or church members. On Sept. 19, local police told church members they must sign documents renouncing their Christian faith or leave the village. PleaseContinue reading “Pray for Three Church Leaders Arrested for Holding Church Services”

Pray for Sonxi as She Trains Christian Teachers

Sep. 23, 2016 | Laos A young Christian woman who was disowned by her parents because of her faith is visiting churches in Laos this month to train Sunday school teachers. After “Sonxi” became a Christian at age 14, her parents began to beat her, deny her food and lock her in her room toContinue reading “Pray for Sonxi as She Trains Christian Teachers”

Pressure on believers in Laos.

New Story September 01, 2016 Dear Friends: A new story “Laos: Multiple Cases” has been added to the newsroom. The Voice of the Martyrs recently received several reports of Christians facing persecution in Laos. In one case, nine Christian families, a total of 38 people, have been fined 800,000 kip ($100 USD) by villageContinue reading “Pressure on believers in Laos.”