New Christian in Algeria Sentenced for ‘Organizing Worship’ in His Home

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Tent set up after authorities closed church building in Azaghar, near Akbou in Algeria. (Morning Star News) (Morning Star News) – A judge on June 16 handed a Christian father of two in northwest Algeria a suspended prison sentence and a hefty fine for holding worship at his…

Mob rule in Egypt

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Egyptian Authorities Close Four Churches President al-Sisi Opens Cathedral in the Desert, but Closes Churches in Populous Upper Egypt 01/15/2019 Washington, D.C. (International Christian Concern) – International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that four churches in different Upper Egypt villages have been targeted by hardline Islamic extremists. In each of these villages, the extremists […]

Egyptian Blasphemy Case

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Egypt Delivers Blow to Religious Freedom with Blasphemy Conviction Three-Year Prison Sentence Upheld Against Coptic Christian 12/26/2018 Washington, D.C. (International Christian Concern) – International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that on December 22, 2018, an appeals court in Upper Egypt upheld a three-year prison sentence against Coptic Christian Abd Adel Bebawy. This […]

Egyptian Christians Worry that Authorities Are Ignoring Root Causes of Persecution

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Violent Intruder Disrupts Cairo Church, Injuring Two Egyptian Christians Worry that Authorities Are Ignoring Root Causes of Persecution 11/15/2018 Washington, D.C. (International Christian Concern) – International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that on November 11, the Church of St. George in Cairo experienced a violent intrusion. According to Watani, the intruder was a […]

Christians are still second class citizens in Egypt.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Church Legalization Remains Hot Issue Seven Years After Maspero Massacre Security Forces Remain Complicit in Christian Persecution 10/09/2018 Washington, D.C. (International Christian Concern) – International Christian Concern (ICC) and Egypt’s Christian community are commemorating today as the seventh anniversary of the Maspero Massacre. On October 9, 2011, the Egyptian army killed dozens and […]

Nine killed in rebel shelling of Syrian Christian town

Nine killed in rebel shelling of Syrian Christian town Perhaps proof that Assad is the lesser of two evils!-JK 11 September 2018 Nine civilians from the Christian-majority Syrian town of Mhardeh died on Friday 7 September, when shells or rockets fired from a rebel-controlled region hit built up areas. According to local sources, a further 20 people […]

Libya (ppt)

This is another failed state along with Somalia. Destruction of the much of the infrastructure by rival militant factions brings this country into the spotlight. It is characterised by anarchy. This was where 21 Egyptian Copts were publicly murdered and then later seven Egyptian Christians were found murdered on a beach. Click slides to enlarge. […]

Algerian Christian released after 18 months.

LATEST: (World Watch Monitor) The daughter of Slimane Bouhafs, an Algerian Christian who has spent the last 18 months in prison for insulting Islam and its prophet, has announced her father’s release. “Finally my father … has been allowed back to us,” his daughter, Tilelli, wrote on her Facebook page on Easter Saturday. “Thank you […]