Central African Republic church attack leaves 15 dead, including church minister

3 May 2018 A church minister and at least 15 people were killed in an attack on a church service and Christian neighbourhood in Bangui, the capital of the Central African Republic, on Tuesday 1 May. A local church leader told Barnabas Fund, “We were holding our church leaders’ retreat. Unfortunately from ten until three […]

Jeovani and Quanizolo.

As the church service started two mortar bombs dropped through the ceiling and exploded, there were cries everywhere, these rocket propelled grenades were fired by Muslim Seleka rebels at the Evangelical church in the suburbs of Bangui, the capital city killed seven and injured at least 33. Jeovani Mongounou (9) and Quanizolo Saint Jacob (23) […]

Update on Central African Republic.

Central African Republic (CAR) – Over 200 reported killed by Islamic militants Lift up in prayer the Central African Republic (CAR) as violence continues to spread across the Christian-majority country. According to reports, over 200 deaths had been recorded by 26 September in Kouango alone, in the south of the country. The violence was triggered […]

Two Pastors Murdered in Massacre of More than 100 Central African Civilians

  ICC Note: Two pastors in the Central African republic have been killed, along with more than 100 civilians, by members of Seleka, a radical Islamic coalition force that over through the Central African government in March of last year, and that maintained power until being ousted in December. The massacre follows United Nations peacekeepers […]

‘Many’ killed in attack on Central African Republic church compound

This is symptomatic of the anarchy still prevailing in this country. Catholic Church officials say Muslim rebel fighters stormed cathedral where thousands of Christian civilians had taken refuge Church officials said fighters from the Seleka rebel movement and armed civilians from the town’s Muslim community had the Cathedral Photo: REUTERS By Reuters 1:29PM BST 08 Jul […]

Update on Chaos In The Central African Republic, Making Sense & Asking Questions

  ON Chaos In The Central African Republic, Making Sense & Asking Questions Here is what we reported in January of this year: The Seleka have been compared to the ‘Janjaweed’ a ruthless, souless group of rebel murderers.  The Lord’s Resistance Army who also claims Christian roots,  and is hunted internationally for horrendous crimes rivaling none.  Rape, […]

Updates On The CAR conflict: Chadian troops kill at least 24 in Bangui

 From Voice of the Martyrs There is so much violence in the CAR, Nigeria, Sudan, and Somalia. Staggering chaos and many, many unanswered questions.  The MSM reports that Chadian Troops have killed 24 people, mainly Christians when they attacked neighborhoods in Bangui 2 days ago.  Reports from BBC indicate that the Chadian troops were attacked […]

Martine, Dorothe, Yagana Lucia and Rene-Widows left in Central African Republic

Martine Verpio’s husband was brutally murdered by Seleka rebels in CAR. She aged 55 was severely beaten and her house looted. She is now struggling with the trauma and poor health. Pray for Open Doors workers helping her and many others with relief and trauma counselling. Maria (22) was another woman whose husband was killed […]