Uzbek mother killed by husband.

19 February 2019 An Uzbek mother was killed by her husband on 9 February because she had recently become a Christian. “Umida”, a Muslim-background Christian, was attempting to flee the country to seek refuge in Istanbul with Christian friends, when her husband confronted her at Tashkent Airport and slit her throat. Previously, the man hadContinue reading “Uzbek mother killed by husband.”

Pray for Irina, Facing Charges for Possessing Christian Materials

On Nov. 10, police in Andijan, in eastern Uzbekistan, raided the apartment of Irina Stepanova, a member of a local Baptist church. Although they claimed to be searching for illegal guns, police instead confiscated three Bibles, a Baptist song book, Christian magazines and booklets, 22 CDs and DVDs, and six personal notebooks with poems. IrinaContinue reading “Pray for Irina, Facing Charges for Possessing Christian Materials”

Praise God for the Unexpected Release of Tohar Haydarov

Unclear whether this is on parole or not. Dec. 02, 2016 | Uzbekistan   Tohar Haydarov was released from prison on Nov. 8, 2016, after serving six years and 10 months of a 10-year prison sentence. “God heard the prayers of many Christians,” believers told Forum 18. “We are thankful to everybody who prayed for himContinue reading “Praise God for the Unexpected Release of Tohar Haydarov”

Eight Christians in Uzbekistan punished for having religious literature at home

Eight Christians in Uzbekistan have been punished in recent months for having religious literature at home, according to Forum 18. Seven were heavily fined for the “Illegal production, storage, or import into Uzbekistan, with the intent to distribute or actual distribution, of religious materials by physical persons”. The other was sentenced to two years’ correctiveContinue reading “Eight Christians in Uzbekistan punished for having religious literature at home”

Northern Uzbeks.

Uzbek, Northern of Uzbekistan The earliest ancestors of the Uzbeks, the Central Asian Turks, aided Genghis Khan in his conquest of Eastern Europe in the 1300’s. Eventually, as unity between the Turks and Mongols faded, numerous warring kingdoms were formed. It was from several of these kingdoms that the Uzbeks descended. Ministry Obstacles Creative ideasContinue reading “Northern Uzbeks.”

UZBEKISTAN – Police stop Christian mothers from feeding babies

December 1, 2015 Please pray for a group of Christians in the Uzbek capital, Tashkent, who were detained and tortured after police raided their worship meeting in a private home. Among those held for nine hours were several nursing mothers who were prevented from feeding their babies until they had signed statements against their host,Continue reading “UZBEKISTAN – Police stop Christian mothers from feeding babies”