Islamic murders in Mali

Mali – Heavily-armed jihadists murder 27 people in attacks on Christian villages Heavily-armed jihadists on motorcycles killed 27 people in three attacks on mainly-Christian Dogon villages in central Mali in less than 24 hours on 26 May. Seven were killed, some burned alive, in the village of Tillé. Another 20 ethnic Dogon villagers were shotContinue reading “Islamic murders in Mali”

More murder and mayhem, this time in Mali

Jihadists massacre entire Christian village in Mali killing at least 100, many burnt to death   Strange this never made a headline! 5 July 2019 At least 100 men, women and children were slaughtered in Sobame Da, a mainly-Christian village in the Mopti region of central Mali, by heavily-armed Islamist extremists on 10 June. AContinue reading “More murder and mayhem, this time in Mali”

The Kagoro of Mali

YET ANOTHER PEOPLE GROUP NEEDING THE GOSPEL! Kagoro in Mali The majority of the Kagoro are animists, believing that non-human objects have spirits. In addition, they practice ancestor worship, and rites are celebrated to worship them. The dead are appeased with offerings of millet flour and water. The Kagoro believe that sometimes their ancestors mayContinue reading “The Kagoro of Mali”

Fulani Christian deputy mayor gunned down, witness kidnapped in Mali

Mali <!–  updateDate();  updateClock(); –> 29/11/2016 13:30 A Fulani Christian was murdered by six gunmen on Thursday 17 November. Moussa, who was active as an evangelist, was travelling between Douenzta and Kerana, just north of the border with Burkina Faso, when he was attacked. A witness to the killing was kidnapped by the attackers andContinue reading “Fulani Christian deputy mayor gunned down, witness kidnapped in Mali”

Swiss missionary kidnapped again.

MALI Swiss missionary Beatrice Stockly, who was abducted for 10 days in 2012, has been kidnapped for a second time in Timbuktu, Mali. Stockly initially arrived in Timbuktu as a missionary with a Swiss church in 2000, but later began working independently. Stockly was abducted from her home in the early hours of January 8Continue reading “Swiss missionary kidnapped again.”

Al-Qaeda Holds Swiss Missionary Kidnapped in Mali for Second Time

  2/16/2016 Mali (World Watch Monitor) Al-Qaeda of the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) is stamping their continued terrorist influence over north and sub-Saharan Africa, cementing themselves as the prime persecutor of the Church in Mali. After abducting Swiss missionary Beatrice Stockley on January 8, they now demand the release of AQIM detained fighters and one manContinue reading “Al-Qaeda Holds Swiss Missionary Kidnapped in Mali for Second Time”

Mali-Pray for Christians Facing Severe Difficulties

Jul. 17, 2014 | Mali   The conflict between government forces and Islamic rebel groups in northern Mali has left Christians vulnerable to persecution, especially Christian converts from Islam. Medical workers and other aid organizations have left the area, travel is difficult, and resources are few, leaving many hungry and sick. Government forces deliver humanitarianContinue reading “Mali-Pray for Christians Facing Severe Difficulties”

Christians in Mali Still Insecure After Rough 2013

  ICC Note:  2013 was a rough year for Christians in Mali. Previously unranked on Open Doors top 50 countries that persecute Christians, Mali shot up to number 8 in just one year. This dramatic change developed when Islamic extremist took control of the northern regions of the country and threatened to take over theContinue reading “Christians in Mali Still Insecure After Rough 2013”