Pray for a Church Planter Receiving Death Threats

May. 19, 2017 | Colombia Xavier serves at great personal risk in paramilitary country.   “Xavier Gonzalez,” a church planter working in one of Colombia’s most dangerous areas, receives frequent death threats. Years ago, he felt God leading him to start a church in one of the country’s poorest cities. Although friends warned him thatContinue reading “Pray for a Church Planter Receiving Death Threats”

Colombia-pray for peace with justice.

Jan. 13, 2017 | Colombia Pray for the Peace in Colombia Although the FARC has signed a peace agreement with the Colombian government, not everyone is happy with the terms. Many Christians in Colombia are deeply upset by the conditions of the agreement, some of which they believe are based on lies. After more thanContinue reading “Colombia-pray for peace with justice.”

Pray for Milena, whose husband and three sons were killed by FARC

Jan. 29, 2016 | Colombia A Christian woman, “Milena” and her family lives in an area of Colombia controlled by The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) guerrillas. Milena’s husband and three of her four sons have been killed by FARC guerillas because of their involvement in an evangelical church. She continues to hold onContinue reading “Pray for Milena, whose husband and three sons were killed by FARC”

Pray for Luz, Widow Being Sought by Husband’s Killer

Nov. 06, 2015 | Colombia The guerilla leader responsible for the murder of Luz’s husband was released from prison in Colombia and is now seeking Luz. The man returned to the remote community where Luz now lives, telling her neighbors that he wanted to find her. Within a few days of his release, a SWATContinue reading “Pray for Luz, Widow Being Sought by Husband’s Killer”

Nukak Maku of Colombia

Just as in Jim Elliot’s day 1956 martyred among the Auca Indians of Ecuador (The Book “Through Gates of Splendour”) there are still unreached jungle tribes in parts of the world! Here is one. How will they hear without a preacher? Nukak Maku of Colombia The Nukak Maku are jungle nomads. At any moment, theyContinue reading “Nukak Maku of Colombia”

Pastor Roberto Perez in Vaupes, Colombia

  “When I was preparing my sermon for our service, the guerrillas came into the church and started to yell at me. One of them told me that I must leave the region or I would be killed,” says Pastor Roberto Perez in Vaupes, Colombia. “I knelt and took my Bible in my arms, andContinue reading “Pastor Roberto Perez in Vaupes, Colombia”