Nigerian Genocide

Stop the Christian Genocide in Nigeria Almost 3,000 Christians were murdered in 2019. There are hundreds of women and girls kidnapped,forcibly raped and “married” to Islamist terrorists In a typical incident – ELDERS HOLD SERVICE IN BURNT OUT CHURCH AFTER BOKO HARAM LAYS WASTE TO CHRISTIAN VILLAGE Four Nigerian church elders held a Sunday service inContinue reading “Nigerian Genocide”

Family of 11 Homeless for Leaving Islam in Eastern Uganda

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UGANDA (Morning Star News) – The pastor of a church in eastern Uganda faces a dilemma after receiving threatening messages from Muslim villagers last week. A large family is staying at his church site after Islamist threats for leaving Islam forced them to flee their home. His congregation…

More murders in Burkina Faso

Gunmen killed 24 people including a pastor and wounded 18 others in an attack on a church in the town of Pansi, Yahga province, northeast Burkina Faso. On 16 February, a group of about twenty gunmen rode into Pansi on motorbikes and opened fire on Christians during Sunday service. At least ten were killed andContinue reading “More murders in Burkina Faso”

Nigeria: ‘Government is Boko Haram but without bomb’, says church leader

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? ? Wala Village attack Nigeria Photo: Voice of the Persecuted Nigeria’s president, Muhammadu Buhari, went to the United Kingdom last week to discuss trade and investment amid increased criticism from church leaders back home who say the government is effectively enabling attacks on Christians in the country.…

Christians Slain, Wounded, Kidnapped in Plateau State, Nigeria

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Nigeria (Morning Star News) – Muslim Fulani herdsmen killed two Christians in separate attacks in Plateau state this month, in addition to the 13 Christians from the same denomination killed on Jan. 8, sources said. Herdsmen invaded Torok village in Riyom County on Jan. 20, killing Reuben Bulus, a…

More Nigerian murders:

More Nigerian murders: New year brings wave of Fulani attacks and kidnappings in central Nigeria Thirteen Christians died and three others were badly wounded when Fulani herdsmen suddenly attacked a village in Plateau – after living nearby ‘peacefully for a long time’. About 20 armed herdsmen attacked the mainly Christian village of Kulben in PlateauContinue reading “More Nigerian murders:”

Boko Haram murders kidnapped Church leader in Nigeria

Boko Haram murders kidnapped Church leader in Nigeria Yet another wicked murder by these cowardly thugs. 21 January 2020 Boko Haram has announced that it has killed Pastor Lawan Andimi, a leading Church figure, kidnapped in north-east Nigeria by the Islamist terrorist group on 2 January. A video announcing the pastor’s execution, which took placeContinue reading “Boko Haram murders kidnapped Church leader in Nigeria”