Boko Haram murders kidnapped Church leader in Nigeria

Boko Haram murders kidnapped Church leader in Nigeria Yet another wicked murder by these cowardly thugs. 21 January 2020 Boko Haram has announced that it has killed Pastor Lawan Andimi, a leading Church figure, kidnapped in north-east Nigeria by the Islamist terrorist group on 2 January. A video announcing the pastor’s execution, which took placeContinue reading “Boko Haram murders kidnapped Church leader in Nigeria”

Cameroon atrocities

CAMEROON – SEVEN KILLED AND 21 YOUNG PEOPLE KIDNAPPED AS BOKO HARAM RAMPAGE CONTINUES “Helpless before the terrorists, the people had only their eyes to cry.” These were the moving words used by a Barnabas contact to describe the despair of defenceless Christians who lost what little they possessed when Boko Haram extremists looted theirContinue reading “Cameroon atrocities”

Christians Slain in Suspected Al Shabaab Attack in Northern Kenya

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Kenya (Morning Star News) – Suspected members of Somali Islamic extremist group Al Shabaab intercepted a bus in northern Kenya on Friday (Dec. 6), separated out those who were not local ethnic Somali Muslims and executed them, sources said. The Medina Bus Co. vehicle en route from Nairobi to…

Horrendous murders in Burkina

Five boys and pastor among 14 Christians shot dead in Burkina Faso church massacre 2 December 2019 Five boys were among the 14 Christians, shot dead in an Islamist extremist attack on a church in Komondjari Province, south-east Burkina Faso, during Sunday morning worship on 1 December. Fourteen members of the Ouoba family were murderedContinue reading “Horrendous murders in Burkina”

Nigerian genocide confirmation

Baroness Cox fact-finding mission to Nigeria reveals mass killing of Christians by extremists 25 November 2019 After a fact-finding mission to Nigeria, Baroness Cox has reported that extremists in northern and Middle Belt Nigerian states have killed thousands of Christians. Armed Fulani militants are targeting Christian communities in an aggressive and strategic land-grabbing policy, epitomisedContinue reading “Nigerian genocide confirmation”

Nigeria-latest kidnapping update.

Posted on31OCT2019CategoriesNIGERIA The six students and two staff members kidnapped from a Christian-run school in Kaduna state on 3 October were released on Saturday 26 October. Police did not say if a ransom was paid, but sources told Nigerian newspapers that a ransom of 13.6 million Naira (approximately €33,750) had been paid. The teenage girls (four ofContinue reading “Nigeria-latest kidnapping update.”