Two Pakistani brothers (among many, many more) incarcerated for nine months in a Bangkok detention centre.

Fearing for their lives after blasphemy allegations in Karachi these two young men fled for asylum to Thailand BUT were incarcerated in a lounge-size room filled with 100 men and only two toilets and very little water. Many became ill including these men with hives and scabies. ,others got TB. Bring to the Lord twoContinue reading “Two Pakistani brothers (among many, many more) incarcerated for nine months in a Bangkok detention centre.”

Please pray for these refugees

181 Montagnard Refugees Still Detained in Bangkok By Gina Goh 09/19/2018 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – More than three weeks have passed since Thai authorities arrested and detained 181 mostly Christian Montagnard refugees on the outskirts of Bangkok on August 28. International Christian Concern’s (ICC) sources have confirmed that all of the adults were sent to ImmigrationContinue reading “Please pray for these refugees”

Nine killed in rebel shelling of Syrian Christian town

Nine killed in rebel shelling of Syrian Christian town Perhaps proof that Assad is the lesser of two evils!-JK 11 September 2018 Nine civilians from the Christian-majority Syrian town of Mhardeh died on Friday 7 September, when shells or rockets fired from a rebel-controlled region hit built up areas. According to local sources, a further 20 peopleContinue reading “Nine killed in rebel shelling of Syrian Christian town”

Pakistani Christians fleeing persecution in Thailand

This story is typical! Thailand (Voice of the Persecuted)  – Pakistani Christians fleeing persecution face much discrimination receive little help while seeking asylum through the UNHCR. Instead of a reprieve, most are living in horrid conditions with little to no support. They are unable to legally work and therefore unable to shelter or feed themselves or theirContinue reading “Pakistani Christians fleeing persecution in Thailand”

45 Christian asylum arrested in Thailand.

Dec. 2015: Child arrested with his mother and brought to court in caged police van. Children remain incarcerated along side their parents. Thai immigration authorities raided and arrested 45 Pakistani Christian asylum seekers, including (approx. 22) children, who hold United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) asylum seeker cards. They will be brought to court tomorrow, likely put into the horrificContinue reading “45 Christian asylum arrested in Thailand.”

UNHCR to receive European Commission Grant of 300,000 Euros to help reduce Thailand asylum seeker determination delays!

BBC reporter Chris Rogers and chairman of the British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA)visited  in November last year. The two of them risked imprisonment in the infamously brutal jails of Thailand, with the goal of highlighting the re-persecution thousands of Pakistani Christian asylum seekers face in Bangkok. WATCH THE DOCUMENTARY…. The feature will reveal the alarmingContinue reading “UNHCR to receive European Commission Grant of 300,000 Euros to help reduce Thailand asylum seeker determination delays!”

It was inevitable more will die from neglect!

Pakistani Christian Held in Thai Detention Center Dies (Voice of the Persecuted) VOP has confirmed reports that Pervaiz Masih, a Christian asylum seeker held in the Thailand’s Immigration Detention Centre (IDC) has died. Pakistani Christian escaping persecution, oppressive conditions and constant threats of violence by extremists in Pakistan, flee to Thailand. Registered as asylum seekers with the UNHCR, their visa’sContinue reading “It was inevitable more will die from neglect!”

Christian asylum seekers in Thailand treated like animals!

  Child arrested with mother on Christmas Eve (Voice of the Persecuted) Barely an hour after sharing a report on Christmas Eve highlighting persecuted Pakistani Christians in Thailand, we received a distressing call that more had been arrested including women and children. We immediately added that update to the earlier report. Thanks to the generosity ofContinue reading “Christian asylum seekers in Thailand treated like animals!”

Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren ye have done it unto me.

Voice of the Persecuted Persecuted Christians in Pakistan have been forced to flee the country due to death threats, false blasphemy charges, mob violence and the risk of being killed, even by their own family for converting to Christianity. Easy for them to obtain a travel visa, thousands have fled to Thailand to seek asylum and findContinue reading “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren ye have done it unto me.”

Plight of refugees in Thailand

British Pakistani Christian Association              Thailand’s military apprehend Pak-Christian women Hundreds of Pak-Christian asylum seekers detained in crackdown following Islamic extremist bomb attack in Bangkok For the full report with images please click here Please sign our petition (click here) Fox News report (click here) In a major police crackdown in Bangkok, Thailand hundreds ofContinue reading “Plight of refugees in Thailand”