Algerian Christians rally for “freedom of worship without intimidation”

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Photo: Evangelical Focus report (Evangelical Focus) by Joel Forster—Peaceful demonstrations call authorities to “stop closure of worship places”. Churches re-organise themselves in houses as the government threatens to close more buildings. Algerian Protestant Christians have protested peacefully in the last days against the “unjust” governmental campaign to close…

New Christian in Algeria Sentenced for ‘Organizing Worship’ in His Home

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Tent set up after authorities closed church building in Azaghar, near Akbou in Algeria. (Morning Star News) (Morning Star News) – A judge on June 16 handed a Christian father of two in northwest Algeria a suspended prison sentence and a hefty fine for holding worship at his…

ALGERIA: Former prisoner Slimane Bouhafs threatened in Tunisia

LATEST: 14/4/2021 Poste Algerian Christian Slimane Bouhafs was released from prison in 2018 after serving nearly two years for blasphemy, but after his release he experienced such persecution that he fled to Tunisia, where threats to his life continue. Slimane (54) received a refugee card six months ago but is still waiting to be assigned a new country. HisContinue reading “ALGERIA: Former prisoner Slimane Bouhafs threatened in Tunisia”

Our brother in Algeria is behind bars – for a Facebook post

LATEST:  ALGERIA: Christian sentenced to five years in prison for blasphemy  Slimane has gone on hunger strike desirous to be moved to a jail nearer his family. UPDATE   Please pray for our Algerian brother, Slimane Bouhafs, whose family has appealed on his behalf for a presidential pardon – which they see as their lastContinue reading “Our brother in Algeria is behind bars – for a Facebook post”

ALGERIA – Church threatened with closure

Please pray for our brothers and sisters in northern Algeria, where a church in the Kabylie area is being threatened with closure. Officials have given warning that they will start legal action against its pastor if he continues to hold services. The church is linked to the state-approved Protestant Church of Algeria. The church receivedContinue reading “ALGERIA – Church threatened with closure”

Algerian student needs prayer.

A 19-year-old student in Algeria has been ordered by her family to stop attending church and reading the Bible. The young woman, who recently converted to Christianity after watching Christian TV broadcasts, openly declared her faith to her science teacher who had denied Jesus’ divinity and death on the cross. The school notified the youngContinue reading “Algerian student needs prayer.”

Pray for Two Christians Caught Carrying Bibles

Apr. 16, 2015 | Algeria On March 16, a 33-year-old pastor and a fellow church member in Tiaret, Algeria, were arrested after being caught transporting Bibles and Christian books. The two were interrogated for several hours before police submitted their report to the general prosecutor for further processing. While charges have not yet been filed,Continue reading “Pray for Two Christians Caught Carrying Bibles”