What do you know of the unreached?

Unreached means too few or zero Christians able to reach the group and no missionaries. Ever wondered why AsiaLink focuses on the continent of Asia? Three quarters of all unreached people live in Asia. No other part of the world has such a high concentration of people who have never heard the gospel and areContinue reading “What do you know of the unreached?”

Nubians-unreached today.

Nubian, Arabized in Egypt The name Nubian was given to the original inhabitants of Nubia, a thin settlement along the Nile River in southern Egypt. The Arabs, who invaded much of North Africa in the seventh and eleventh centuries, displaced some Nubian groups and absorbed others. As a result, thousands of Nubians are now “Arabized,”Continue reading “Nubians-unreached today.”

Mongol, Sichuan in China

 Yet another unreached people   Sichuan Mongols live in Sichuan Province, spread out along two or three valleys in Yanyuan and Muli counties, northeast of Lugu Lake. Most are farmers or fishermen, leading quiet lives in their remote villages. Very few Sichuan Mongols have ever heard the name of Jesus Christ. Ministry Obstacles The SichuanContinue reading “Mongol, Sichuan in China”

Nosu, Tianba in China

Another unreached tribe. The end cannot come till disciples are made among them. Nosu, Tianba in China Violent conflict, inter-tribal and inter-clan warfare, and the taking of slaves were commonplace among the various branches of the Nosu until recently. The War songs were equally awe inspiring: “We are the famous Black Nosu! We are theContinue reading “Nosu, Tianba in China”

Ansari of India-huge unreached people.

 10 million people in India-barely any believers-please pray! Ansari in India According to a legend, the Ansari were inhabitants of Medina, and Ansari was the title given to those who gave shelter to and helped the prophet Mohammad in his first religious war against Mecca. In recent years, the Tableeghi Jamat has inculcated religious fervorContinue reading “Ansari of India-huge unreached people.”


Prayer Thoughts: A monthly memo to encourage us in our prayer life (ANS – March 15, 2016) — “Ask of me, and I will make the nations your inheritance, the ends of the earth your possession.” Ps 2:8 NIV. Here’s the thing: There are no limits to where prayer can take us. We can goContinue reading “TRAVEL THE WORLD THROUGH PRAYER”