Maoist Rebel Group Suspected in Killing of Pastor, Son in the Philippines

Philippines (Morning Star News) – Christians on the Philippine island of Mindanao believe Maoist rebels are responsible for killing a Baptist pastor and his adult son near a southern town on Nov. 27. A friend of the pastor in Mindanao told Morning Star News that area Christians believe insurgents with the New People’s Army (NPA), armedContinue reading “Maoist Rebel Group Suspected in Killing of Pastor, Son in the Philippines”

CERC Singapore News

Delegation to Kolkata A delegation comprising Rev Lanning and Elder Leong was recently sent to Kolkata, as part of Session’s ongoing labour of investigating the possibility of CERC overseeing Emmanuel’s work in Kolkata and the surrounding villages. The delegation was there from 19 March till 25 March. The main work was a two-day conference consisting ofContinue reading “CERC Singapore News”

Tamil of Singapore

  The majority of Indian migrant workers living in Singapore come from Tamil Nadu villages in southern India. These Indian migrant workers are scattered throughout Singapore in approximately three hundred work sites. Many workers are educated and literate, while others are illiterate. Life in Singapore is tough for migrant workers. They generally work six toContinue reading “Tamil of Singapore”