Help your brothers in Sudan and Ethiopia access justice

Join us in seeking justice for two pastors in Sudan and three evangelical Christians in Ethiopia who have been targeted by authorities for their faith. LATEST…PASTORS’ TRIAL ADJOURNED AGAIN: Pastor Yat Michael and Pastor Peter Yein appeared in court in Sudan again yesterday (25 June) when the prosecution case ended. The next hearing is dueContinue reading “Help your brothers in Sudan and Ethiopia access justice”

Why does God allow his people to be imprisoned?

Prisoners bring murderer to Christ Three Christian men, Tibebu Mekuria, Dawit Jemberu and Belete Tilahun, have been falsely accused of burning down a church building in Gulema Iyesus. They each face up to nine years in prison, and their final chance to appeal is on 8 July. But God has used this terrible situation forContinue reading “Why does God allow his people to be imprisoned?”

Kill Them, Or Else…” Ethiopian Christian Jailed, Then Told to Murder Pastors

  By Troy Augustine 5/22/15 Washington, D.C. (International Christian Concern) – Aman Kuni was crammed into a tight jail cell with barely enough room to sleep on the floor, but that was only the beginning of the terror that he would face for his faith in Christ. Just five days after being released from prisonContinue reading “Kill Them, Or Else…” Ethiopian Christian Jailed, Then Told to Murder Pastors”

Your Support and God’s Faithfulness Have Set a Man Free!

International Christian Concern Alemayehu was a Bible school student when he was arrested and imprisoned in Ethiopia for trying to photocopy an article that explored Islam from a Christian perspective. That was two years ago. Today, with the generous support and engagement of ICC’s followers, Alemayehu is a free man! Speaking with ICC’s Representative inContinue reading “Your Support and God’s Faithfulness Have Set a Man Free!”

In Ethiopia, Mothers are Victims of ISIS Too

These stories bring home to us the personal suffering caused by what may just appear as more news statistics of men murdered by ISIS. By Troy Augustine 5/10/15 Washington, D.C. (International Christian Concern) – Our mothers are truly gifts from God. Today, on Mother’s Day, we pause to honor their selfless sacrifice in dedicating their livesContinue reading “In Ethiopia, Mothers are Victims of ISIS Too”

Ethiopia: Imprisoned Christians ‘lucky to suffer for Christ’

Ethiopian believers, flag of Ethiopia, Amharic their language. 08 May 2015 Seven Christians have been imprisoned after they were arrested during the baptism of 40 new believers. Police arrested the three leaders and four church members on Saturday 25 April in Asela, about 170km south of the capital Addis Ababa. They are accused of holdingContinue reading “Ethiopia: Imprisoned Christians ‘lucky to suffer for Christ’”

Ethiopia Mourns Murders of 30 Ethiopian Christians Brutally Slain By ISIS in Video

4/20/2015 Libya (International Christian Concern) Even if these were only nominal Christians this is a brutal wicked act and these murderers will pay for their actions. Militant Islamic terror group ISIS released a new video Sunday, April 19, reportedly showing the gruesome murder of 30 Ethiopian Christian men in Libya. The footage alternates between twoContinue reading “Ethiopia Mourns Murders of 30 Ethiopian Christians Brutally Slain By ISIS in Video”

Two Ethiopian believers need support.

   Two Christian converts on trial for their faith in Ethiopia need your help! Enraged by their conversion from Islam, local Muslims convinced corrupt officials to plant evidence and then charge Obsa Ogeto and Soka Araro with producing and distributing illegal substances. Call the Ethiopian embassy in Washington DC at (202) 364-1200 (or inContinue reading “Two Ethiopian believers need support.”