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Pray for this man arrested simultaneously with Ebrahim Firouuzi in August 2013 and sentenced to five years for “action against national security” presently on bail till he appears at appeals court. He served six months in 2013.


Good news from Iran and updates from China & Eritrea
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IRAN: Sevada Aghasar released from prison 

Last Sunday (21 July), Iranian Christian Sevada Aghasarwas released from Tehran’s Evin Prison. He was granted conditional release after serving half of his five-year sentence. He will not have to return providing he upholds the conditions of his release, which will probably mean a prohibition on evangelism.

Praise God and thank you to everyone who has been praying for Sevada while he was in prison!

UPDATE: The eight Christian converts who were arrested in Iran on 1 July have been released on bail.

Christians Forced to ‘Reconvert,’ Banished from Village in India

Indian repression and murder of believers.


Christian is forced to undergo “reconversion” rite to tribal religion in Mahuatoli village, Jharkhand state, India on June 14, 2019. (Morning Star News)

India (Morning Star News) – Christians who worshiped privately in their homes in a village in eastern India were dragged to local leaders last month and forced to bow to a goddess idol, sources said.

The mob action on June 14 followed an announcement two days earlier by the heads of Mahuatoli village, Gumla District in Jharkhand state, that 12 Christian families would be banished if they did not return to the tribal Sarna religion, they said.

Threatened with death, most of the Christian families have fled the village.

“Threats have always been there in this area in Gumla District, but it had never escalated to this point that the Sarna extremists vowed to take lives,” said area pastor Boyen Munda. “They are not in…

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Unable to Finish School for Becoming Christian, Young Man in Uganda Faces Bleak Future

The price to pay-may the Lord take up this orphan and provide for him. God is no man’s debtor.


(Morning Star News) – Asuman Kaire is missing his last year in high school in eastern Uganda for having become a Christian two years ago.

Homeless and without money to pay school fees since his Muslim stepfather disowned him earlier this year in Lelya-A village, Kabweri County in Kibuku District, the 20-year-old Kaire said he wouldn’t be able to finish high school even if he had the money.

“I fear my classmates who are Muslims, as they might plan something bad for my life,” Kaire told Morning Star News.

He spoke from experience. Having been informed that Kaire was living at a village church building, local Muslims with sticks and Somali swords on June 15 attacked, demanding his death as they tried to enter the church compound shouting the jihadist slogan, “Allah Akbar [God is greater],” sources said.

Christians and Muslim neighbors in the predominantly Muslim area…

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British Court Upholds Right of Christians to Freely Express Their Faith – Felix Ngole

One smallbut sentinel win for God’speople and freedom of speech.


Wikimedia Commons

After four years, a Christian student won his appeal in a UK appeals court after he was expelled from college for expressing his faith on sexual ethics in a debate on social media, according to CBN News.

Felix Ngole was dismissed from the University of Sheffield in 2016 where he was studying to become a social worker.

He was expelled for his participation in a 2015 Facebook discussion opposing same-sex-marriage. Being a devout Christian, he quoted biblical verses confirming the traditional Christian views on marriage.

A complaint was filed against Ngole by an anonymous source several months after the Facebook discussion. He was told by the university that he “lacked insight’ into the effect of his Facebook posts. The expression of his Christian views was found to be unacceptable by the university, and he was required to stay silent on the subject while attending the school.


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More murder and mayhem, this time in Mali

Jihadists massacre entire Christian village

in Mali killing at least 100, many burnt to



Strange this never made a headline!

5 July 2019

At least 100 men, women and children were slaughtered in Sobame Da, a mainly-Christian village in the Mopti region of central Mali, by heavily-armed Islamist extremists on 10 June.

A Barnabas Fund contact described it as the “worst massacre in Mali since 1946”. He said the jihadists encircled the isolated village of ethnic Dogon people at night and set fire to “everything that moved” in a “well-targeted attack”.

Many of the victims’ bodies were burnt – some charred beyond recognition. There are difficulties identifying the remains and the death toll is currently estimated to be between 100 and 135 people.

A church building interior in a mainly-Christian village that was fire damaged in a jihadi attack. Several ethnic Dogon villages in the Mopti region of central Mali are being targeted

“They burned the entire village including all the people who stayed or did not dare to go out. Only a few men were able to escape the gunfire,” the contact told us.

In another report, a survivor said, “About 50 heavily armed men arrived on motorbikes and pickups. They first surrounded the village and then attacked … anyone who tried to escape was killed. No-one was spared – women, children, elderly people.”

The contact added that, since 2018, there have been several Christians killed or abducted in north and central Mali. Others have been forced to flee and churches ransacked.

The jihadists and their allies are waging a “war” to occupy this part of Mali and have announced their intention to establish sharia (Islamic law) throughout the country. The contact said that the jihadists have threatened, “No city will be made an exception and no village will escape.” He added, “So this isolated Christian village could not escape.”

From Barnabas Fund contacts


7-Year-Old in Nigeria: How Herdsmen Shot Me and Killed My Uncle

More Fulani mayhem with apparent impunity.


Muslim Fulani herdsman shot 7-year-old Christian boy in Gwanje village, Nasarawa state, on May 3, 2019. (Morning Star News)

Nigeria (Morning Star News) – As a Baptist church member tried to fight off an armed Muslim Fulani herdsman in a village in north-central Nigeria, he told his 7-year-old nephew and other relatives to run.

The boy remained, crying and calling for help.

Jerome, whose real name is withheld for security reasons, recalled how gunshots woke him and his family around midnight on May 3 in Gwanje village, 18 kilometers (11 miles) from Akwanga in Nasarawa state. His account of a relatively limited attack gives a glimpse of how hundreds of Christian families have been terrorized by herdsmen.

A neighbor rushed over to tell Jerome’s father that he had received a call that the herdsmen were attacking from the south and coming toward their home north of the village.

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More Nigerian murders

Hundreds homeless after Fulani raids on Nigeria’s Central Belt

Up to 13 people have been killed and hundreds left homeless after militants raided several mainly Christian villages in central Nigeria.

Over 12 hours, Fulani attacked four villages in the area bordering Plateau and Kaduna states, burning homes, churches and farmland. Release partner Stefanos Foundation says that three children were among the dead.

Please pray for all those affected by these latest Fulani attacks, especially those in mourning.

About 200 militants raided the first village, Angwan-Rimi, in the Kauru area of Kaduna, in the early hours of Monday last week. It was here that three children were killed: Stefanos named them as Monday, who was eight, Samson, 15, and nine-year-old Zhime.

Later that same day, militants attacked Kikoba village, also in Kauru, and two villages a few miles away, Kangbro and Nakai Danwai, in the Riyom area of Plateau. Two churches were destroyed in Kangbro.

This week, Stefanos took part in commemorations to mark the first anniversary of coordinated attacks on 15 communities in Plateau state in which 233 people died. No arrests have been made.

  • Pray that God will comfort those who have lost loved ones and provide for those who are now without a home following these most recent Fulani attacks. Ask God to heal survivors, including a man being treated for gunshot wounds in hospital in Plateau.
  • Please pray for wisdom and courage for the Nigerian Government and military so they will bring an end to the violence and persecution.
  • Please stand with us by holding a Day of the Christian Martyr worship and prayer service with your church this year,and remember modern-day Christian martyrs, in Nigeria and worldwide.


New Christian in Algeria Sentenced for ‘Organizing Worship’ in His Home

Courageous Algerian believers!


Tent set up after authorities closed church building in Azaghar, near Akbou in Algeria. (Morning Star News)

(Morning Star News) – A judge on June 16 handed a Christian father of two in northwest Algeria a suspended prison sentence and a hefty fine for holding worship at his house, four days before another judge fined the owner of land that a church uses.

Prosecutors had sought a six-month prison sentence and a fine of 500,000 Algerian dinars (US$4,200) for the 35-year-old father in Mostaganem, a coastal town about 350 kilometers (217 miles) west of Algiers. The judge instead delivered the two-month, suspended prison sentence and a fine of 100,000 dinars ($840) to the new Christian, who requested anonymity as he fears for his life in the officially Muslim North African country.

For inviting a Christian couple to pray with him, an area source said, he was accused of…

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Ashfaq Masih, Shagufta and Shafquat in Pakistan


More wicked blasphemy charges when a Muslim has a grudge against a Christian believer or believers  like Sadhu who refused to pay for a repair to his bike and an argument ensued. Ashfaq, who lives in Green town, Lahore was arrested and  will have to stand trial.

Pray he will be totally exonerated and the government will take steps to outlaw this evil practice.


PAKISTAN: Asia Bibi’s lawyer takes on case of couple

Asia Bibi’s lawyer Saiful Malook has taken up the case of Pakistani Christian couple Shagufta Kausar and Shafqat Emmanuel, sentenced to death for blasphemy in April 2014. They had been accused of sending blasphemous text messages to a Muslim cleric, despite the fact that the messages were in English and they are illiterate. Saiful Malook has stated, “They did not get a fair trialThey are innocent.”
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Pakistan – Eight Christian
prisoners of conscience still on
death row
At least eight Christians remain on death
row in Pakistan after being convicted
under the Islamic law of “blasphemy”.
The current prisoners under death
sentences include brothers Qaisar and
Amoon Ayub who were sentenced in
December 2018 and are waiting for an
appeal hearing date. Prisoners with High
Court appeals pending include Anwar
Kenneth, Sawan Masih, brothers Anjum
and Javed Naaz and Shafqat Emmanuel
Masih and his wife, Shagufta Kausar.
Zafar Bhatti, who has a sentence of life
imprisonment, also awaits an appeal
hearing date.
No Christians (or followers of any
other religion) have been executed for
“blasphemy” despite the mandatory
death sentence for “defiling the name
of” Muhammad, but many of them
have been languishing in prison for
years, according to statistics provided by
CLAAS (Centre for Legal Aid, Assistance
and Settlement), which is supported by
Barnabas Fund.
Christian mother-of-five Aasia Bibi
was released after spending eight years
on death row when the Supreme Court
acquitted her on 31 October 2018. It
remains uncertain if her release was a
“landmark ruling” that will improve the
plight of Pakistan’s Christian minority
– around 2% of the population, or
about 4 million.
The court freed Aasia Bibi because of
flimsy and contradictory evidence, while
simultaneously confirming that those
who break the “blasphemy” law should
be punished.
On 1 May 2019, police declared
a Christian man called Farhan Aziz
innocent of “blasphemy” and released
him after nine months in custody
(mentioned in June Prayer Focus). At
the time of Farhan’s arrest, an angry
mob armed with steel rods and petrol
cans congregated in a Christian area of
Gujranwala, but police intervened to