Another unreached Indian people.

  Chalvadi of India The traditional occupations of this Scheduled Caste were carrying carcasses and working as village servants. They used to remind the Lingayat Bania about the full moon and new moon days of the month, so that the latter could perform the necessary rites to Lord Shiva. More recently, they are engaged asContinue reading “Another unreached Indian people.”

Every tribe and nation-are we nearly there?

When we think of world evangelisation we have to recognise firstly that although a large part of the globe has been reached by “Christians” many of these have been Jesuits or other Roman Catholic orders and Arminians/Pentecostals of every hue. Hence we must question the reality of every conversion or “disciple” among those churches planted.Continue reading “Every tribe and nation-are we nearly there?”

Shanga-unreached in Nigeria.

Pray for the Nigerian Church to reach out to these people. Shanga, Shangawa of Nigeria The livelihood of the Shanga is based primarily upon agriculture, with fishing and trading being of secondary importance. Inter-village wrestling matches are quite important to the Shanga. A boy will begin wrestling when he reaches puberty and will continue until hisContinue reading “Shanga-unreached in Nigeria.”

Unreached Millions

Watch a U tube slide presentation of the current state of world mission. The purpose of God (Revelation 7:9)…’I beheld a great multitude,which no man could number, of all nations (ethne), and kindreds, and people, and tongues, stood before the throne, and before the Lamb, clothed with white robes and palms in their hands;’ BeforeContinue reading “Unreached Millions”

Darkhad-Mongolia-another un-reached people

Pray for labourers that the Mongolian church MUST send!   Darkhad of Mongolia.Darkhads have a strong history of shamanism. Shamans supposedly treat the soul and mind and help people overcome bad luck. “Black” shamans in Mongolia maintain the shaman worldview and traditions, while “yellow” shamans have adopted Buddhist ideas. Darkhad shamans have been black shamansContinue reading “Darkhad-Mongolia-another un-reached people”

How will they hear? The isles wait for thy law.

Bonerate of IndonesiaThe Bonerate live on the islands of Bonerate, Madu, Lalaotoa, Karompa, and Selayar in South Sulawesi Province. Bonerate Island is in a very remote location. There is no public transportation to Bonerate. The Bonerate typically move to Makassar to seek better education and employment. They make a living primarily through fishing and farming.Continue reading “How will they hear? The isles wait for thy law.”

How Then Shall We “Go”? – Karl Dahlfred

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How Then Shall We “Go”? by Karl Dahlfred | Reformed Theology Articles at Yesterday prior to our worship services I was able to get some Tabletalk reading in. I read the next two articles focused on the theme of the April issue, “The Great Commission”. The…

Holiday destination and antichristian state!

If you lived on the Maldives, your chances of becoming a believer in Christ would be slim indeed. All religions bar Islam are outlawed. There is no Bible in Dhivehi, your language, but if you search hard and long enough, and get past government blocking you may find something on the internet. Look here! With GodContinue reading “Holiday destination and antichristian state!”