Sunda of Indonesia

Photo source: IPN – Indonesian People Network People Name: Sunda Country: Indonesia Language: Sunda Population: 32,969,000 Unreached: Yes People Cluster: Sunda-Betawi of Java Primary Religion: Islam % Adherents: 0.10 % % Evangelical: 0.09 % Progress Status: 1.2  Statistics Source: Joshua Project Profile provided by: Joshua Project PO Box 62614 Colorado Springs, CO 80962 USA 719.886.4000Continue reading “Sunda of Indonesia”

Sichuan’s Ethnic Corridor

  The Central, Kham and Amdo Tibetans are the 3 main Tibetans groups of China, and they each speak Tibetan languages and dialects, though they are mutually unintelligible.  They also have a written script that also varies somewhat between languages.  Only Buddhist monks and others who have been educated can read Tibetan, but these daysContinue reading “Sichuan’s Ethnic Corridor”