SRI LANKA – Officials target Christian pastors

January 15, 2015 In Ratnapura district, state officials have demanded that the pastor of a National Gospel Church in Nivithigala register his church – even though this is not a legal requirement. The church believes that Buddhist monks are pressurising officials to take action against them. Our partners also report that a pastor in Padukka,Continue reading “SRI LANKA – Officials target Christian pastors”

Refugees in Sri Lanka

Court of Appeals in Sri Lanka Allows Deportation of Christian Refugees 9/2/2014 Sri Lanka (Colombo Page)   A Sri Lankan court withdrew the interim order suspending the deportation of Pakistani and Afghan asylum seekers, allowing the government to deport them. The petitioner, Anila Imran, explained that she’s a refugee because the Pakistani authorities persecute ChristiansContinue reading “Refugees in Sri Lanka”

Buddhists launch anti-Christian campaign amid assaults in Sri Lanka

Lord may this backfire and the wrath of man praise thee. Country/Region: Sri Lanka, South and East Asia A hardline Buddhist group in Sri Lanka has launched a four-day campaign against “Christian fundamentalism” in the country as Christians face vicious attacks in ongoing efforts to stop their activities. A group from Ravana Balaya with leaderContinue reading “Buddhists launch anti-Christian campaign amid assaults in Sri Lanka”

Another unreached people group.

Sri Lankan Moor of Sri Lanka The Moors trace their ancestry to Arab traders who settled in Sri Lanka some time between the eighth and fifteenth centuries. Fascinated by the scenic splendor, Muslim merchants arrived in large numbers and some decided to settle in the island, encouraged by the cordial treatment they received from localContinue reading “Another unreached people group.”

Radical Monks Granted Bail After Attacking Two Churches in Sri Lanka

Two minute clip to watch starts at 11.20 mins. You don’t need to understand the language to see what was done and is being done still in this intolerant nation.   Deeply disturbing footage of destructive Buddhist mayhem against churches in Sri Lanka January 14, 2014 Large mobs led by Buddhist monks attacked two churchesContinue reading “Radical Monks Granted Bail After Attacking Two Churches in Sri Lanka”

SRI LANKA – Christians hospitalised and threatened by villagers

June 11, 2014 A pastor and three members of his congregation were hospitalised after a mob attacked a Christian home in Sri Lanka’s Mannar district. The Christians had gathered at a home in Madu village for a meeting with police to discuss threats made to Christians who had attended a prayer meeting there the previousContinue reading “SRI LANKA – Christians hospitalised and threatened by villagers”

SRI LANKA – Pastor and wife attacked for defending right to worship

February 25, 2014 A large mob led by Buddhist monks attacked a pastor and his wife in Sri Lanka’s Central province when they defended their right to worship. Eleven monks from the hardline nationalist organisation, Bodu Bala Sena or Buddhist Strength Force (BBS), led about 250 villagers to storm the home of the pastor ofContinue reading “SRI LANKA – Pastor and wife attacked for defending right to worship”

SRI LANKA – Pastor and family homeless after conversion claims

January 21, 2014 Our partners in Sri Lanka have asked for prayer for a pastor and his family who have been forced out of their home and threatened amid accusations of forced conversion. Pastor RanJan is living with his wife and three children in ‘a shell of a building’ without water and electricity in centralContinue reading “SRI LANKA – Pastor and family homeless after conversion claims”

Interview with a Persecuted Christian from Sri Lanka

    ICC Note: Christian persecution in Sri Lanka is rising at a dramatic rate. Buddhist nationalists, who believe they must preserve Sri Lanka’s Buddhist heritage by whatever means necessary, have gained influence on the island nation and are bringing to lead mobs against churches and pastors. As of November, Christians in Sri Lanka haveContinue reading “Interview with a Persecuted Christian from Sri Lanka”