Mexico: No Turning Back

NewsRoom When fifteen families told area guerrilla leaders of their desire to seek God, the leaders kicked them out of their village in Chiapas, Mexico. The families slept in a stable for over a year until recently, when they moved into simple new homes. When the families told the Zapatistas guerrillas that their old religiousContinue reading “Mexico: No Turning Back”

Mexican discrimination continues.

The government is meeting with indigenous believers from the Bawitz tribe who have been forced from their homes because of their faith-pray for a solution. Thank God that, as far as I know, all but two of the Acteal prisoners have been released-may they find spiritual and physical homes and new livelihoods. Here is LorenzoContinue reading “Mexican discrimination continues.”

Mexico-Pray for Pastor Antonio Cruz Rodas, Threatened for Preaching

Local authorities in Chiapas, Mexico, recently issued an official warning to Pastor Antonio Cruz Rodas, ordering him to stop evangelizing in the area. Pastor Rodas has also received death threats. Authorities issued the pastor a document reading, “Today we strongly state total prohibition of access to people that profess any religion different than the oneContinue reading “Mexico-Pray for Pastor Antonio Cruz Rodas, Threatened for Preaching”

15 “Innocent of Acteal” prisoners released

*********************VERY LATEST**************** Three Acteal prisoners released! After 17 years in prison, Lorenzo Ruiz Vasquez, falsely accused of involvement in the Acteal massacre in 1997, has been declared innocent by the Supreme Court in Mexico City. He will be given, like his fellow released, land and funds to resettle. click to enlarge. The court ordered hisContinue reading “15 “Innocent of Acteal” prisoners released”

Brave Survivors of Religious Freedom Violations in Mexico to Testify

  11/4/2014 Mexico (CSW) Despite the fact that the following are against the law in Mexico, CSW notes that Christians, and others of religious minority groups, “have one of the highest rates of religious freedom violations in the Western Hemisphere. In areas with high indigenous populations, where traditional forms of justice are exercised, [they] areContinue reading “Brave Survivors of Religious Freedom Violations in Mexico to Testify”

An expelled Mexican couple allowed back to their home.

Fidencio Hernandez – Mexico When Fidencio was healed of an ulcer two years ago, his life changed. But it wasn’t all for the good. Up till then he’d lived for 20 years in the village of Santa Rosalia where he was an electrician and carpenter. For 14 years he had taught at his local church,Continue reading “An expelled Mexican couple allowed back to their home.”

Enlightening report on Mexican persecution.

MEXICO: Country Profile 13th February, 2014           Mexico is a secular state with religious freedom and a strong separation between church and state. Most Mexicans are culturally Roman Catholic, but not practising – Operation World estimates that only 10% are regular churchgoers. Persecution occurs in certain parts of Mexico. In someContinue reading “Enlightening report on Mexican persecution.”

Mexico Sees Increase in Religious Freedom Violations

Mexico: CSW report finds “significant” increase in religious freedom violations   ICC Note: New reports are being released by indicating the increase of religious freedom violations in Mexico in the last few years. Included is the discussion of religious discrimination and the failure of the courts to prosecute “those responsible for criminal acts linked toContinue reading “Mexico Sees Increase in Religious Freedom Violations”

MEXICO – Evangelicals beaten and jailed ‘on official orders’

A mob abducted, jailed and beat a group of evangelical Christians in southern Mexico – allegedly on the orders of a district official. Beating the Christians with rods and stones, the mob also attacked their unfinished church building in Oaxaca with sledgehammers and pick-axes. The attack was apparently in retaliation for the Christians declining toContinue reading “MEXICO – Evangelicals beaten and jailed ‘on official orders’”

Christians expelled

–     -Evangelicals Pressured to Renounce Faith Source: Latin American Indian Mission In mid-December, 52 evangelicals were arrested in a community north of Mexico City and pressured to renounce their faith. The evangelicals were arrested on Dec. 17 during a community meeting in Pahuatlan, Hidalgo. They were taken to the small community jail whileContinue reading “Christians expelled”