Reformation in Cuba

IPBC Providence Biblical Presbyterian Church, Cuba Pastor Joyce Alvarez Leon. Pastor Leon oversees four small congregations totalling 25 members 23 adherents and 15 children in the cities of Cienfuegos (see map) and towns of Santa Susana, Ajuria and Lajas.      Cienfuegos. He also educates 15 aspiring pastors/elders in the Reformed faith. They face strongContinue reading “Reformation in Cuba”

Cuba Demolishes Pastor’s House Church

Cuban government demolishes house church In Cuba this year, human rights activists claim to have already documented over 130 violations of religious liberty. Efforts by the Cuban government have been especially concerted to crack down on the growing movement of Cuban house churches. In this recent case, a pastor was left homeless with his wifeContinue reading “Cuba Demolishes Pastor’s House Church”