Anarchy and atrocities in CAR

                                                                                                                                                                  As Muslims leave the capital in convoys protected by Chadian troops a local missionary Pierre” writes about the effects of the conflict on the nation: “Since December 5, when the anti-Balaka first launched their attacks on the capital, things have not been the same, and we do not know if they are likely toContinue reading “Anarchy and atrocities in CAR”

Refugees in Central African Republic Struggle To Survive

 1/14/2014 Central African Republic (Charisma News) Aid agencies estimate 1 million people have been displaced into refugee camps by violence in Central African Republic where Open Doors co-worker (name withheld) found the conditions for the refugees to be ‘shocking’, ‘tense’, ‘living like animals’ and ‘over-crowded’. The U.N. Humanitarian Agency has reported food and water shortages fearing hardContinue reading “Refugees in Central African Republic Struggle To Survive”

Mayhem in Central African Republic

  First it is noteworthy that in the former regime the Muslim population were not even recognized as rightful citizens and were ostracized, that is why they now side with the Seleka rebels and are perpetrating genocide against christians. Pray for the UN and especially France as they discuss peacekeeping and security. Christian leaders haveContinue reading “Mayhem in Central African Republic”


  The situation for believers in this anarchic nation is grim. They are specifically targeted by the Seleka rebels who overthrew the president in March this year. Even though this country is 80% ‘christian’ the Muslims now hold the power and the guns. These brutal men continue to execute, mutilate, rape and rob civilians onContinue reading “GENOCIDE WARNING IN CHRISTIAN-MAJORITY CAR OVERRUN BY ISLAMISTS”

Christian Leaders Plea for Military Help to Disarm Muslim Insurgency, Prevent Genocide

  Now that the Seleka rebels have either laid down their arms or fled the danger is of Christian vigilante revenge attacks and apparently most Muslims are fleeing the country. Pray for peace and a new stable government where all citizens have equal rights. Also for the church to bring the only message of realContinue reading “Christian Leaders Plea for Military Help to Disarm Muslim Insurgency, Prevent Genocide”