The new constitution does not satisfy secularists, two of whose politicians have been murdered. They are demanding a new caretaker administration and the stepping aside of the Islamist Ennahda government. Pray that political change that will ensure protection for the small number of indigenous Christians as well as providing human rights for all citizens. A nationContinue reading “Tunisia”

Egyptian kidnappings and rapes.

The “Arab Spring”, instead of bringing increased freedom for Christian girls in Egypt, has intensified the danger they are in. Over 500 have been abducted, forcibly converted to Islam and married to Muslim men against their will since the revolution of January 2011. A Christian NGO, the Association of Victims of Abduction and Enforced DisappearanceContinue reading “Egyptian kidnappings and rapes.”


  A Christian teenager has been jailed for three years in Egypt for posting cartoons deemed insulting to Islam on his Facebook page. Gamal Abdou Massoud (17) was also accused of distributing some of the images to his school friends. He was sentenced on 4 April by a child’s court in the southern city of Assiut, where heContinue reading “CHRISTIAN TEEN JAILED FOR INSULTING ISLAM WITH FACEBOOK CARTOON.”

EGYPT 14 year-old Christian girl abducted

This is a classic case repeated scores of times in this sad society. Pray for the security and human rights of Christians which was promised after Morsi and Muslim brotherhood came into power (now deposed) Over 500 Christian girls kidnapped by Muslims since revolution 9th November, 2012  Sarah Ishaq Abdelmalek (pictured) is a 14-year-old Coptic Christian girlContinue reading “EGYPT 14 year-old Christian girl abducted”

Another Egyptian blasphemy case.

Christian teacher jailed for blasphemy. A Christian teacher accused of blasphemy has been jailed for six years in Egypt. Bishoy Kamel  from Sohag province was arrested on 30 July after cartoons deemed offensive to Islam and comments against Egyptian President Mohammad Morsi appeared on his Facebook page. He was sentenced to three years’ imprisonment for “insulting theContinue reading “Another Egyptian blasphemy case.”