Muslim Mentality!

Another sad story from Egypt! Mob Violence Terrorizes Small Christian Village in Egypt Facebook Post Published and Deleted Four Months Ago Sparks Violence Against Christians 09/25/2017 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that on September 14, a Muslim mob in the village of Tawa in Minya attacked the local Coptic ChristianContinue reading “Muslim Mentality!”

EGYPT – Christian army recruit murdered four days after joining up

A 22-year-old Christian Egyptian army recruit was beaten to death on 20 July, hours after arriving at a new camp near Cairo, only four days into his military service. Joseph Reda Helmy’s body was found with serious bruises and signs of torture, according to a lawyer representing the family. Joseph had been planning to getContinue reading “EGYPT – Christian army recruit murdered four days after joining up”

More Muslim Kidnappings

Now three more Egyptian women abducted. This is a typical Muslim plot, one of their methods to intimidate, forcibly rape and convert non-muslims.   Suzan Ashraf Rawy   Hanan Adly Girgis    Rania Eed Fawzy Three Christian women ‘kidnapped’ in Cairo suburb Suzan went missing last week, as she walked to the church where she worksContinue reading “More Muslim Kidnappings”

Cowardly Muslim Terrorism…Gunmen Kill at Least 35 Coptic Christians in Egypt

It seems to me that in every country where there is a strong jihadist Muslim element and they are up against democracy or Judeo-Christian ethics or an established church they will bomb and kill to try and get their way. They are deluded fools of Satan who face hellish judgment. More Egyptian terror Gunmen Kill atContinue reading “Cowardly Muslim Terrorism…Gunmen Kill at Least 35 Coptic Christians in Egypt”

More murders in Egypt

  Another Christian in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula Murdered by Suspected ISIS Militants Eighth Killing Follows Expanded Operations by ISIS in Egypt 05/07/2017 Washington, D.C. (International Christian Concern) – International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that on Saturday, May 6, a Christian man in El-Arish, Egypt, was shot and killed by four masked men while inside his barbershop. ThisContinue reading “More murders in Egypt”

EGYPT – Palm Sunday suicide bombings leave 46 dead and scores wounded and why Jihadists bomb at Christian Festivals

Muslim Jihadists expose themselves as the wickedest sinners by killing and maiming professing Christians at these times of the year which celebrate the incarnation and cross both of which teach man’s total depravity and impotence in the eyes of a holy God.   Islamic State has claimed responsibility for two deadly suicide bombings at churches inContinue reading “EGYPT – Palm Sunday suicide bombings leave 46 dead and scores wounded and why Jihadists bomb at Christian Festivals”

Justice and injustice.

EGYPT – Court hands down strongest possible sentence to Muslim who slaughtered Christian shopkeeper A Muslim man who murdered a Christian shopkeeper in an Islamic State style execution in January has been found guilty and sentenced to death by a court in Alexandria. The court’s decision to hand down the strongest possible sentence for theContinue reading “Justice and injustice.”

Security lax in Egypt, Christians murdered with impunity.

Sounds like Egyptian security is as bad as Tunisia’s where 38 Britons were murdered while on holiday! Christians flee their homes … and not just in Iraq or Syria We’ve all seen the stories in the news of Christians being forced out of their homes by extremists in the Middle East but it’s no longerContinue reading “Security lax in Egypt, Christians murdered with impunity.”

EGYPT – Another Coptic Christian found dead in northern Sinai

Originally posted on VOICE OF THE PERSECUTED:
(Agenzia Fides) – A 40-year-old Coptic Christian was found dead with a gunshot to the neck, in the Egyptian town of Al-Arish, capital of Northern Sinai, on Thursday, February 23. The body was found inside his home, which had been set on fire. This is the third Coptic…