Turkey Blacklists Foreign Christian without Explanation

  I suspect the correspondence course is being very effective in Turkey and Islamists are behind this move. Video clip David Byle, a foreign Christian has been blacklisted and banned from the country of Turkey.  Byle has opened a court case against the government to appeal the ruling and have his name removed from theContinue reading “Turkey Blacklists Foreign Christian without Explanation”

Convert from Islam Flees Iranian Authorities’ Torture, Threats

ICC Note: An Iranian Christian remains in hiding after having received numerous threats and abuses as a result of his faith in Christ. Armin Davoodi, a recent convert was threatened with death earlier this year by Iranian secret police. His family continues to face regular harassment both from Iranian authorities as well as from vandalsContinue reading “Convert from Islam Flees Iranian Authorities’ Torture, Threats”

Baptists due in court over church activities

  November 27, 2013 KAZAKHSTAN Members of a group of Christians arrested in Kazakhstan are due in court tomorrow to face charges linked to ‘administrative offences’. Ten believers were arrested when up to 16 police officers and journalists, led by a government official, raided a meeting of their Baptist congregation in Oral, West Kazakhstan Region,Continue reading “Baptists due in court over church activities”

Anti-Christian Terror Continues to Grow in Middle East and South Asia

Note what this post says about Israel! ICC Note: Christian communities across the Middle East and South Asia continue to endure ever increasing levels of persecution and religious intolerance. This has lead to the decline of many Christian populations in these countries. In Syria, one of Christianity’s oldest homes, the Christian population has declined byContinue reading “Anti-Christian Terror Continues to Grow in Middle East and South Asia”

Iranian Appeals Court Upholds Christian Prisoners’ Sentences

  10/24/2013 Iran (Mohabat News) – According to Mohabat News, Shiraz appeals court upheld sentences for six Christians totaling 20 years of imprisonment. These prisoners are currently being held in “Ebrat” ward of Adel-abad prison. The trial was held in Branch 15 of Shiraz Judicial Courts, and chaired by Judges Hosseini and Barati. An initial courtContinue reading “Iranian Appeals Court Upholds Christian Prisoners’ Sentences”


Published: 10:00 GMT Daylight Time – Monday 02 September 2013 Afghan MPs have issued threats in parliament against converts from Islam to Christianity, calling for them to be killed in accordance with sharia law. The Afghan parliament in session The matter has been raised twice in recent debates, principally focused on Afghans who are living in India.Continue reading “AFGHAN MPS CALL FOR DEATH OF CONVERTS FROM ISLAM TO CHRISTIANITY”


“On behalf of Syrian Christians and other minority communities, we entreat Western governments to alleviate the suffering of our people by providing urgent humanitarian aid, as our communities are in dire need. The majority have been displaced from their homes with hardly anything to subsist on; most are jobless, homeless, and in danger of abductionContinue reading “SYRIAN CHRISTIAN LEADERS APPEAL FOR URGENT AID – NOT MILITARY STRIKE”