Sultanate of Oman

        Mountainous Population     3 million Capital       Muscat 650,000 Most of workforce expatriates (25% pop) Peoples: Arab 67%  Persian 17%  South Asian 14% OIL WEALTH Islam state religion (88%) Hindu 7% Christan 3%-proselytism forbidden. But a progressive society unlike Saudi Arabia. Muslim 89% Hindu 7% “Christian” 3% FreedomContinue reading “Sultanate of Oman”

Kyrgyz girl badly mistreated

Young Kyrgyz Girl Beaten and Burned by Parents After Conversion to Christianity Almas is now in a sewing workshop, very badly physically abused by family      Picture for illustration only.   In a country that does not support religious minorities a young Kyrgyz girl was punished by her parents for converting to Christianity. ThoughContinue reading “Kyrgyz girl badly mistreated”

TURKEY-largest unreached nation in the western world.

  Click on slides to enlarge.   Join me  in praying that God would raise up Biblical and Reformed Turks to be missionary/pastors in their homeland. Istanbul Bible Institute Aletheia Bible College, Australia       CPRC Turkish translations Apostles Creed in Turkish Elçilerin İman Açıklaması Göğün ve yerin Yaratanı, her şeye gücü yeten Baba, TekContinue reading “TURKEY-largest unreached nation in the western world.”

Russia: seven churches burned in one year in Tatarstan

by Nina Achmatova Political and spiritual leaders concerned about rising fundamentalism in the Russian autonomous republic with a Muslim majority. Spiritual leaders invite people not to give in to provocations. Local priest: ” The Wahhabis are the culprits.” Moscow (AsiaNews) – Churches burned, attacks foiled and increased pressure on Christians to convert to Islam. InContinue reading “Russia: seven churches burned in one year in Tatarstan”