Kyrgyz Pastor Kept From Brother’s Funeral By Local Imam

6/6/2014 Kyrgystan(Forum 18) In the village of Zherge-Tal, Imam Arstan stopped Protestant pastor Kapar Yusup uuly Abdukayimov from participating in the burial procession of his deceased 51-year old brother Japar Abdukayimov. “Imam Arstan insulted me with all kinds of unrepeatable words, calling me a traitor, and told people at the procession this will happen toContinue reading “Kyrgyz Pastor Kept From Brother’s Funeral By Local Imam”

KYRGYZSTAN: 14 year Church Ownership Annulled

By Mushfig Bayram, Forum 18 News Service Authorities in Kyrgyzstan’s capital Bishkek are seeking to confiscate the building of a Protestant Church, the Church of Jesus Christ, Forum 18 News Service has learned. In January a court annulled the sales contract signed more than 14 years ago, claiming it was in violation of the law.Continue reading “KYRGYZSTAN: 14 year Church Ownership Annulled”

Kyrgyz girl badly mistreated

Young Kyrgyz Girl Beaten and Burned by Parents After Conversion to Christianity Almas is now in a sewing workshop, very badly physically abused by family      Picture for illustration only.   In a country that does not support religious minorities a young Kyrgyz girl was punished by her parents for converting to Christianity. ThoughContinue reading “Kyrgyz girl badly mistreated”