Kazakh clamp down.

Four Christians in Kazakhstan were jailed in January for refusing to pay fines imposed on them for attending a worship meeting without state permission. Maksim Kandyba, Pavel Leonov, Vyacheslav Cherkasov and Zhasulan Alzhanov were given sentences ranging from two to ten days. They believe that fines for exercising religious freedom are wrong, in light of the country’s constitutionContinue reading “Kazakh clamp down.”

Baptists due in court over church activities

  November 27, 2013 KAZAKHSTAN Members of a group of Christians arrested in Kazakhstan are due in court tomorrow to face charges linked to ‘administrative offences’. Ten believers were arrested when up to 16 police officers and journalists, led by a government official, raided a meeting of their Baptist congregation in Oral, West Kazakhstan Region,Continue reading “Baptists due in court over church activities”